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The Etheric Crystals of Avalon Lightwork, digital e-manual: Raise your vibration, connect with your desire, & higher spiritual laws for manifestation


Includes digital e-manual in English sent electronically by link

6 October 2017

Founder Daelyn Wolf

Symbol: Yes


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments cliients who love crystal energies will enjoy the magickal energy of this system. Etheric Crystals of Avalon Lightwork works with the energies of crystals, the magick energy of Avalon, and colors of light for harmony, balance, raising vibration, and manifestation.

The Etheric Crystals of Avalon Lightwork, brings together the energy and magick of Avalon, with the 3 etheric crystals of body, mind, and spirit.  Each of these three crystals is a different color and energy and they work together to bring harmony of the body, mind, and spirit with the energies of what you want to create and manifest in the physical plane. These energies working together help you raise your vibration, connect with what you desire, and higher spiritual laws for manifestation, joy, and happiness.

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