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Gastric Energy Healing Reiki, e-manual by Daelyn Wolf: Healing Energies With the Specific Emphasis on the gastrial track


Includes English digital e-manual sent electronically by link

1 October 2017

Founder Daelyn Wolf


Founder writes:

Gastric Energy Healing Reiki, connects to pure source energy, and to your higher self for healing the Gastrial Intestinal Track. This energy is very powerful and is pure to stay focused on the Gastrial Track. There are many illnesses and diseases that settle into the gastrial track. There can be bacterial or viruses that attack this area of the body. There can also be allergies to food and other pollutants that can lead to serious disease such as celiac’s and irritable bowel syndrome. There can often be alot of pain!  The energies of this system is powerful for healing any gastrial track issue. This is a high energy infused system.

f pain with gastrial intestinal issues and illnesses


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