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Triple Star Reiki - Money, Love, & Healing, digital e-manual by Daelyn Wolf: Positive energies of money, love, healing for success & empowerment


Includes English digital e-manual sent electronically by link

1 October 2017

Founder: Daelyn Wolf


Founder writes that Triple Star Reiki connects you to the universal source energy, and to the powerful energy of stars as well as your higher self. It works to draw in the positive energies of money, love, and healing for success and empowerment. This is a stand in your power energy attunement that aligns you with confidence, self esteem, and love. It brings healing to your inner self so that your light within shines brightly to attract and heal abundance, love, and health issues so that your energies align with a higher vibration. The energies of Triple Star Reiki is powerful and can be used for your personal empowerment and achievements and also to help others.

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