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Heart Chakra Flush 2018, digital e-manual: Remove anger, fear of betrayal, INTENSE emotional pain & suffering of adultery, divorce, abuse, grief


Includes English digital e-manual sent electronically by link

23 September 2017

  • Founder: Rosemary Noel
  • Symbol: No


This Chakra Flush 2018 is an upgrade of the original system with an upgrade of energies and additional ways to work with energy for self, clients and loved ones.

The Heart Chakra is home to grief, anger, fear of betrayal, loneliness and hatred. Your wounded child resides in the heart chakra, so does unconditional love, empathy, selflessness and devotion the heart chakra motivates us to love, be compassionate, unselfish and to give.The Heart Chakra Flush, with use, assists to remove the intense emotional pain and suffering of adultery, divorce, death, grief, emotional abuse, grief and all emotional traumas.

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