Freya's Warrior Hearit digtial e-manual : Warrior Goddess energy to regain inner power you have lost, be empowered to stand up what you believe in


Included is the original e-manual sent electronically by link

Pre-requisite: Thor’s Hammer prerequisite to receiving the Goddess Freya Warrior Heart & 7 day meditation on Freya's Warrior Heart Meditation prior to attunement

Levels 1

About this system

The Empowerment to The Goddess Freya’s warrior Heart will not be for everyone as it works intensely on the HEART CHAKRA, which can sometimes be felt through the Physical body as a slight discomfort in and around the heart chakra. Please remember that this is just a clearing taking place. Placing your hand over your heart chakra while in meditation can aid in this clearing. This sensation can also happen when Freya is performing a clearing on or with you. Remember you are in control and if at any time you feel that the energy coming to you is too strong just call upon Freya and ask her to stop.
Freya wants you to become a Warrior Healer so you MUST stand up to her and show her your own warrior power. REMEMBER Freya is a Viking Goddess, she is also gentle and compassionate but at the end of the day she is first and foremost a Warrior Goddess and expects you to find and become a warrior with her. Freya is here to give us a spiritual push to aid us in gaining the inner power that we all seem to have lost. For far too long we have been stuck in a rut with just healing everyone and everything and not growing spiritually ourselves. Now healing is what we must and have dedicated our live’s to do WE ARE LIGHTWORKERS but it is also about time to start the  healing and empowering of ourselves so that we can better help others. Freya will grant you release from fear and will give you the Courage, Strength, Self Confidence and power to stand up for what you believe in and to break down those barriers preventing you from growing spiritually and enjoying life.

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