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Exalted Spirit Ostara Essence, Personal Use Digital e-manual: Luxuriance, abundance, potency, lushness, richness, hope, fire, love & regeneration


Includes English digital e-manual for your Personal Use only, not for resale system,  sent electronically

26 March 2017


Founder: A Featured System From Rosemary Noel & Cosmic Goddess Empowerments

Levels 1





Ostara oversees luxuriance, abundance, potency, lushness, richness, hope, joy, fire, regeneration, renewal and sensualness. She brings a spark of freshness to all your endeavors including your personal, profession and even your love life.

Manual Includes:

  • Attunement 1
  • Reenergize and Refresh Energies
  • Create Ostara Altar
  • Ostara Self-Treatment
  • Create Exalted Ostara Essence Water

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