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Petroglyph Key Awakening Master OR Personal e-manual by Mariah Couture: Increase spiritual communication between You & Divine


Includes your choice of  the Master OR the new Personal Use  digital e-manual pdf sent electronically attunement & pdf

Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Art by Laughing Raven

Prerequisite: Reiki Master for Master e-manual but there is absolutely NO Prerequiste for the Personal Use system

About this system:

Petroglyphs are images carved or etched into rocks.  Since they usually represent a word, the universal nature makes it ideal for Divinity to communicate with us and connect us to eternal truth. They often represent thought concepts, not just individual words. Many petroglyphs are maps to various spiritual realms.

Petroglyph Key Awakening enhances your spiriutal understanding of petroglyphs by increasing the communication between you - your higher self and the I Am Presence.

If you want to expand your conscious knowledge of information and enlightenment - this can be realized when viewing petroglyphs. This system can establish new pathways of understanding when you are viewing petroglyphs.

Many symbols with provide multidimensional information can be received in your night dreams. Many awaken to remember scores of symbols that are unfamiliar to the conscious mind, Keep them close for you may feel these images are familiar to you on a soul or ancestal level.

Petroglyph Key Awakening provides the spark of awakening for your conscious mind to activate and use these symbols meanings!!!!


Petroglyph KeyAwakening can establish new pathways of understanding for you from your spiritual body and higher self. Petroglyph Key Awakening specifically attends to awakening and teaching your mind how to interpret the messages within Petroglyphs and other symbols.


You will receive 1 distant chi ball attunement and 1 emailed pdf manual in your choice OF EITHER the MASTER or the PERSONAL USE


Your e-manual is in English Members may choose MASTER OR PERSONAL e-manual, Master requires Reiki Master to share with others. Please list Master or Persaonal and Registered members may choose 1 single e-manual for 1 system as a buy 1 get 1 gift. To complete your order please list this choice here:

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