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Relationship Care, (Master) pdf manual by Mariah Windsong: Works behind the scenes of your relationships, improve the health of your relationships


Includes Master Teacher digtal e-manual sent electronically and distant attunement

Founder: Mariah Windsong Couture

Prerequisite: Reiki Master

Levels 1


Relationship Care™ is an energy that works behind the scenes of your relationships, in the spaces where we really relate. It enhances healthy relationships, dropping away interferences. Any misunderstandings or the beginnings of a misunderstanding can be dissolved with Relationship Care.

In truth, it is the Responsive Eternal Beings of Love, Light and Life who arrive to tend the relationships you activate Relationship Care Session for yourself.

This system works not only for your relationships with people but they are not the only CGE relationships we have. Relationship Care also assists to improve the health of relationships we have with our pets, money, technical devices, ourselves, our spiritual guides and guardians as well as Eternal Sacred Source itself. Relationship Care is brought to you in order to give you a new way to attend to the quality of your relationship, where they actually exist.

That is to say, between the two of you, not in the mind or emotions of either of you.  CGE Relationships are the interplay or interaction between two beings or a being and a thing, or a being or an item. How do these two relate to one another? Your relationship with yourself can become distorted over time, especially if you've made decisions that you later come to regret. If there are things that you said, which you wish now that you hadn't, it can impede your natural healthy self-esteem. Your natural ability to confidently enter new relationships and maintain old ones may be reduced if you are not happy with yourself.

 Relationship Care can attend to the relationship you have with yourself, the relationship you have with your higher power or God or Goddess can greatly determine your ability to manifest what you want in your life.Faith that your higher power has your best interest in mind and heart can be reduced if you hold a grudge against him/her for inaction or action that you needed.

Relationship Care can help bring you new insights about situations in which you wanted   CGE intervention of a positive nature, when such intervention did not seem to be granted.

With purchase you will receive the Master Teacher e-manual sent electronically and distant attunement via chi ball method


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