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Forgiveness Freedom Rays , Personal Use digital e-manual by Mariah Windsong: Includes Forgiveness Resistance Flush


Includes 1 Personal Use digital e-manual sent electronically and distant attunement

Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Prerequisite: None For Personal Use


Forgiveness Freedom Rays™ flow easily to bring you emotional freedom! There are no laborious lists of who wronged you or who you wronged. These rays only require your willingness to allow forgiveness to happen. Forgiveness Freedom Rays™ are the energies of forgiveness that flow outward to others and inward to you.There is no need to “work up the energy” to forgive yourself or others. If you feel resistance at the mere thought of forgiving others or yourself, this energy system has an energy technique for that too, the Forgiveness Resistance Flush™!


You will receive 1 Personal Use digital e-manual  n either English or Dutch and 1 diistant attunement

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