The Spirit Guide Journey Activations 1-7, 1 digital e-manual: Connect with your spirit guides & blocks lower vibrations or malicious energies & MORE


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The Spirit Guide Journey Activation Program has seven activations to aid you in communication  
with your Spirit Guides.
The Activations: 

  • Psychic Protection Activation
This activatio activates a shield of psychic protection which acts as an energy that envelopes us and blocks out intrusive vibrations or malicious, negative, lower vibrations from other sources. As you begin practicing connecting with your Spirit Guides your awareness of energies will greatly increase and with sensitivity comes exposure to distractions. Thus, astral energies can be attracted to your increased energy and or activities in engaging with your Spirit Guides. It is not that these personalities or entities wish you harm but just in casethis psychic protection activation will shield you from
any unwanted interference or distraction of any lower nature.

  • Grounding Activation
The grounding activation will keep you in your body, conscious of yoursurroundings and present and available for whatever happens and create an energy connection as spirit from your body into physical reality.It will serve to keep the body and energy system safe when you are meditating and making conscious contact with your Spirit Guides. It will also bring power to your process of Guide communication because it will align you as spirit with your physical body so that you can be present and attend to what needs to be done. It will also increase your spiritual and energetic awareness, release unwanted or excess energy, help you direct your energy, enha nce your meditations, assist you to be more aware of your path and enable you to have an even greater capacity for experiencing the wonders of the Spirit World.

  • Third Eye Activation
This activation will aid you in meditation giving you heightenedawareness and focus, the ability to concentrate. This will also help you in your daily life by aiding you in keeping focused at work or in your daily routine. It will bring heightened awareness so that you are more aware and see things more clearly and sharply. This allows you to bypass the ordinary mind if you will and access a higher state of consciousness. It will lift your senses not just vision but what you hear, sense, touch, smell and just know intuitively. It can aid you in seeing Auras, Guides, Angels, Higher Beings, etc. It will bring a higher state of purpose, unfold your power of clairvoyance, bring you greater abilities to focus and concentrate, sharpen intuitive abilities and help you to listen to and recognize your inner voice.

  • Energy Bodies Clearing Activation
This activation will restore balance and harmony to the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It will work to clear any blockages or barriers you have to Spirit Guide Communication. This clearing will remove limitingand false beliefs about communication with your Spirit Guides. This activation will break down barriers to Guide Contact and Communicationsuch as skeptical dispositions, lack of understanding and any inability to accept higher possibilities. This will allow you to be open so that you find it easier and more natural to recognize, accept and acknowledge Spirit Guide communication, bring you a greater scope of understanding and help you leave the lower mind and be more open to the possibilities of a reality that involves faith and trust rather than one that is more tangibleand scientifically proven if you will. This clearing will remove any lack of belief in self, in your ability to establish Guide contact.

  • Meditation Activation
This activation will help you to discipline yourself to begin and maintain a meditation routine inclu sive of establishing Guide contact and communication. It will help you to quiet the mind and to hear and listen to the still small voice within you. It will raise your vibrations and energies so that you attract higher vibrations such as Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other Higher Beings of Light.

  • Spirit Guides and Higher Beings Activation
This activation will help you to establish a deeper connection with each type of Higher Being whom works with you. These include your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Animal Guides, Guardian Angels, Archangel Team, Ascended Masters team and any other Higher Beings of Light that work with you in any capacity. This activation embodies several activations.

  • Dream Activation
This activation will assist you in remembering dreams and visits from Spirit Guides and or Angels or other Higher Beings in your dreams. It enhances your ability to interpret your dreams so that you can retrieve the important Spiritual Messages that are conveyed to you in your dream state.
  • The manual will provide information about the various types of Spirit Guides encountered, how to communicate with Spirit Guides, keys to successful Guide contact and meditation, ways Guides communicate and more.

7 Remote Activations via chi ball
29 Page pdf digital English e-manual


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