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Eternal Cosmic Christ, Personal digital pdf, English or German, by Mariah Windsong: Connect to heart of Christ with Trans-dimensionality Positioning



Includes: Eternal Cosmic Christ, Personal Use digital pdf e-manual sent electronically and distant attunement by orb of life



Founder Mariah Windsong Couture


Prerequisite: None

Language: Your choice of either English or German


About this system:


The Eternal Cosmic Christ Empowerment™ attunes you to the heart of the Eternal Cosmic Christ so that you can have a closer walk with him. A message from the Eternal Cosmic Christ channeled and published in this manual details authenticity, sharing, Divine Birthright, self worth and healing. The Eternal Cosmic Christ’s energy helps give you the courage to look within yourself and be honest with yourself about everything. Level 2 provides you with Trans-dimensionality Positioning and Ruby Heart Light Empowerments. Trans-dimensionality Positioning when activates will help you align and balance yourself across various dimensions. The beauty of this incredible energy function it will be perfectly calibrated for you!



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