Soul Connection, 1-3, Personal Use pdf manual: Facilitates a connection between two souls & which can also include a deity or angel



13 Auguast 2016


Founder Mariah Windsong Couture


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Soul Connection energy system is a vehicle for two souls to visit in a healthy way at a soul level. s


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Levels 3


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About Soul Connection:


Soul Connection energy system is a vehicle for two souls to visit in a healthy way. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found that with Soul Connection, you will consciously travel up to your soul and from that level of your being, go to another's soul. This energy system is facilitating a communing at a sacred soul level for both persons. Soul Connection can also help you connect with the soul of a person who has passed on from this reality or ANGEL, DEITY or SAINT you wish to commune wiith. Below is Cosmic Goddess Empowerments description about this system.


Level 1:


The Azure Shakti™ is a sentient Eternal Divine Intelligence whose purpose is to bring you into full contact with your own soul. After taking you on a spiritual journey up to your soul, the Azure Shakti causes you to become consciously aware of your soul, from here, within your own body. The Azure Shakti provides a unique experience of your own soul, bridging the gap between embodiment here in physicality and all you are.


Level 2:


For level 2 of Soul Connection, the Azure Shakti guides the Soul Connection to the person's soul you want to connect with. Soul Connection Level 2 fosters healthy connection between people that may be difficult to achieve here on Earth. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found that some of what happens will be on a level that your conscious awareness will not grasp.


Level 3:


For level 3 of Soul Connection, the Azure Shakti will guide your Soul Connection vehicle with you in it to the Angel or Deity or Saint you wish to commune with. Soul Connection level 3 grants you the privilege of visiting with the soul of an Angel, Saint or Deity of Eternal Sacred Source. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found working at this level, she made strong connections to several Goddesses.Choose ones with whom you are already familiar.

In the case of Deities, you may make a soul connection to one(s) you already are attuned to as there needs to be a “knowing” of the particular Deity, Saint or Angel who you want to visit with. Hearing about them is one thing. An attunement to a particular Deity, Saint or Angel provides the familiarity with them and also helps familiarize you with their energies making it easier to synchronize with their soul energies prior to your visit. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has thousands of Deity, Angel, Saint attunements to choose from. Cosmic Goddess Empowermets found that this may include healing. Healing or mending of wounds even if questions are left unanswered. Many times a deep sense of love will arrive to you.


In Closing:


In closing, please note, this is a energy system to be run for yourself personally, it is not one for you facilitate visits for others due to the intensely personal nature of this system. Thank you for visiting


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