Exoteric gTummo (gTummo Esoteric), 1 digital English translation PDF eBook/Manual (4 Grades - 7 Days Apart): Healing techniques by applying gtummo


lncludes orignal digital e-manual and 4 angkurs sent by chi ball to be received a week apart

24 February 2016

Founder:  Dharmasatya Sarvayudhavisarada

Levels 4

Symbols Yes

Recommended Prerequisite:  We recommend gTummo Candali 

About this system:

Dharmasatya Sarvayudhavisarada channeled Exoteric gTummo to complement the course of gTummo Candali. While similar to gTummo Candali, the Exoteric gTummo digital PDF provides an instructional on how to work with the enhanced Exoteric gTummo energies including pictures. 

gTummo systems know that living 18,000 feet in the Himalayas the people of Tibet live there peacefully and survive living there not because of burning fire but they survive because of the gtummo that flows in their bodies.

gTummo refers to a mystic technique as well as the energy produced to support efforts in achieving the spiritual perfection

From manual, there are 3 functions of gTummo:

  1. Exoteric gTummo: which can give ability to heal an illness by using a gentle warmth
  2. Esoteric gTummo, which can give survival ability at the very cool temperature CGE
  3. Mystic gTummo, which can give the warmth in achievement of spiritual happiness in life CGE

Esoteric gTummo is the most widely acclaimed, mastered by almost of people in Tibet; either by their own effort, initiation, or by the Angkur that given by a Vajra Master. Exoteric and Mystic gtummo are not mastered by many people, even in the Tibetan Mystic Environment and there are only some people who mastered all of the three kinds of gtummo.

Advantages of Exoteric gTummo:

  • By the flow of gtummo in one's body all level of physical, mental, emotion, and intuition will expand quickly  
  • The mastery of exoteric gtummo is very useful in many process of healing physical disease, mental, emotional, and spiritual diseases. A gtummo practitioner doesn't need to know the disease suffered by the patient to lend help.


Exoteric gTummo Grades

gTummo is divided into four grades. First Grade (grade 1), Second Grade (grade 2), Master Grade, and the Vajra Master Grade.Cosmic Goddess Empowerments writes that we have found that the higher grade attuned to means the higher gTummo energy that he can distribute or channel to others.


Grade 1 - Respa

A first grade Respa Practitioner can apply gtummo for many purposes by touching with the palm of hand. The gTummo distribution done by intent. gTummo distribution, in order to assist with sending healing energies would take place for 20 to 30 minutes. For the best healing process, gtummo distribution repeated at least three days after the last distribution. During this grade daily self-healing must take place.  CGE

Grade 2 - High Respa

At this second grade you may apply the gTummo for many purposes by touching hands to the object or by using symbols. With direct application of gTummo on a patient's body, a High Respa applies hands on patient's shoulder with both thumbs touch the medulla oblongata. In the application of gtummo for long distance healing, a High Respa Practitioner would be utilizing the symbols of Exoteric gTummo  CGE

Grade 3 - Master Grade

The differences between gTummo of Grade 2 and the Master Grade gTummo is the quantity and quality of energy that is distributed into the patient's body. At the Master Grade, the gTummo energy which is distributed is much higher and softer compared to the Grade 2 gTummo, what this means for Cosmic Goddess Empowerment students the whole process of healing happen in much shorter time.  cge

Grade 4 - Vajra Master Grade

The differences between Vajra Master Grade and the Master Grade are the quantity and quality of energy that is distributed into the patient's body. At the Vajra Master Grade, the gTummo energy distributed is much higher and softer compared to the Master Grade gtummo so that the whole of healing process happen in much shorter time. At the Vajra Master Grade, you may pass angkurs to others if you desire. In Vajra Master Gtummo, there is a unique special character, that is, the gtummo will automatically flow to someone who needs to be healed - even though this person doesn't meet the Vajra Master directly - only by saying the spiritual name of the Vajra Master for a few times in their mind.


Exoteric gTummo – is a type of healing technique by applying gtummo - can be mastered easily by everyone after the angkurs from the Vajra Master. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments states that gTummo will always flow in you for the rest of your life. Anyone can receive the angkur without discrimination in age or religion. This system complements the course of gTummo Candali by providing ways to work with its angkurs and can be used in conjunction with.

With purchase you will receive angkurs spaced 1 week apart, no sooner as you must work with techniques and do self-healing between grades.  Your angkurs are sent distantly by orb of life chi ball attunement service  original English translation manual as a digital pdf sent electronically by link 






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