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Nature Shaman Reiki 1-3, a digital e-manual: Become one with Mother Earth, Nature Communication, Spiritual Guidance from Nature Devas & More


Included is the digital e-manual in English sent electroncially by link


9 February 2016

Founder Daelyn Wolf

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About this system:

Daelyn writes :Nature Shaman Reiki is 3 levels and the energies connect you to nature, higher source, and your soul energy.

Level 1 works with being at one with all of nature. Becoming one with Mother Earth and moving your energies in to “I am” consciousness.

Level 2 works to move you into guided meditation for energy expansion, self discovery, and empowerment.

Level 3 works to open you to nature communication with animals, plants, and Mother Earth. It opens up your psychic energies to help you receive spiritual guidance from nature devas, and more.

Cosmic Godddess Empowerments writes: This is a great system to enhance your connections and communications with Nature and Mother Earth. It will bring in empowerment and personal power.




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