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Fae Spirit of the Bear Lightwork, digital pdf by Daelyn Wolf: Abundance, Strength, Courage, Empowerment, Communicate with the Fae

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24 January 2016

Founder Daelyn Wolf

Symbol: Yes

About this system:

Fae Spirit of the Bear Lightwork connects you to the realm of faeries and the spirit of the bear. This system connects you the energies of courage and strength. The faeries will always be around when you work with these energies to encourage you, and see you overcome your challenges and to see you endure the trials you face. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments loved this system because using it you can also communicate with the Fae also. Just ask them for a happy easy solution or path to achieve and overcome any challenge. They will often hold their palms out toward you to send you boosts of encouragement energy.



With purchase you will receive:

The original pdf manual sent electronically by link and 1 distant attunement via orb of life chi ball method


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