Moon Goddess Distance Energy Session: Energetic Assistance to Reclaim Your Inner & Outer Power, Includes digital e-informational pdf


Includes 1 distant energy session with informational digital e-informational pdf sent to you electronically by link

Bogo:  Not included in bogo offerings

Moon Goddess Healing session must be your main choice not a bogo choice

Moon Goddess Distance Energy Session™ may assist with any of the following:

Weight loss, Fertility, Stress, Depression, Emotions, Abuse, Relationship Issues, Money/Finances, Career or can be tailored to your personal need for emotional trauma, physical abuse, female health issues of infertility, childbirth, depression, stress. CGE

About this session:

Rosemary writes: Welcome Sister in the energy of the Moon! During this session I facilitate energies to empower and help you reclaim your inner and outer power. In this session, connect to powerful lunar energies to work on your behalf to empower, protect and change the area or areas in your life that require assistance. I will work with the sacred feminine energy of the Moon Goddesses in order to assist you in becoming an independent, EMPOWERED and fulfilled Moon Goddess, yourself.

I establish a connection in a magickal reiki ritual with Diana, Selene, Artemis and Hecate to work on your behalf. Sessions are done in real time, meaning that you might feel the benefit while I’m facilitating your session. Within this session I provide “call in at your convenience” activation so that when you “activate” your chi-ball session, you will once again receive your session. In this way it is like receiving two sessions for the price of one. Sessions are usually provided within 72 hours of purchase if you purchase during the week. I will provide a session report pdf and email you when your session and reading are ready.



Sessions are not included in buy 1 get 1 offerings. Session a typically sent 72 hours after purchase, Your Oracle Goddess Reading will focus on your Moon Goddess session request or another question. Not included in bogo offerings

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