Bio Life Mitochondria, Personal Use digital e-manual pdf by Mariah Couture: DNA free of abnormalties, transcend genetic limitations


Includes 1 Personal Use digital e-manual pdf sent electronically  in 1 language & distant attunement by orb of life

5 December 2015

Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Prerequisite: None

Note: There is a Master Teacher system available in addition to the self use one

Language You have your choice of either English or German or Russian pdf

About this system:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments highly recommends Bio Life Mitochondrial DNA Upgrade because it helps your body to recognize and use the Light of Eternal Sacred Source as food and turn it into biologically accessible energy and it shows your body a more complete DNA blueprint free of abnormalities. You will find that your body can choose to implement the changes it finds useful and in doing so many maladies can be reduced.

Bio Life Mitochondrial DNA Upgrade also may have ability to heal emotional traumas that our ancestors experienced. When these imprints are cleared, previous genetic limitations were transcended.

This system is useful for Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients especially if you are already dealing with the adverse effects of mitochondria not functioning properly, this energy system provides support for these symptoms and much more.

Some symptom examples:

  • You have diabetes or you may be pre-diabetic
  • You're experiencing difficulty swallowing
  • You are troubled by digestive problems
  • You find you are eating without resultant energy
  • You have a history of immune disorders
  • Your heart is in disfunction
  • You are experiencing liver disorders
  • You have muscle weakness, pain or tremors
  • You are experiencing respiratory issues
  • Your skin is slow to repair itself
  • You have vision or hearing problems

With purchase you will receive the orginal English or German or Russian pdf Personal Use digital e-manual and distant attunement via chi ball.

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