Psychic Privacy Protection Master Teacher digital e-manual by Mariah Couture: Conceal your private information from psychic probing by other


Includes Psychic Privacy Protection Master Teacher digital e-manual sent electronically f & distant attunement

Language: digital e-manual available in your choice of either English OR German

This listing is the Master Teacher, there also is a Personal Use

Prerequisite: Reiki Master

About this system:

Psychic Privacy Protection™ is an energy system you are attuned to and then can activate anytime for the remainder of your life. This protective energy is especially designed to conceal information you wish to remain private, from the prying eyes and consciousness of other people. There are people who hire psychics to look and probe anyone who their clients ask them to. I'm sure you don't want your private information to be revealed just because someone paid a psychic to do so. There is a need for special protection for your private thoughts and now it is easy to protect the information you carry in your mind from others.

You may have not had any reason to consider your thoughts and the information in your mind to be anything other than private! With the increased number of psychics being consulted for personal and business reasons by thousands of people every day, this is a real personal security concern.

Some people are naturally psychic and will "pick up on" your thoughts without even trying to. In truth, for these people, they try hard to screen out other people's thoughts. However, if something applies to them, it is difficult to not notice your thoughts. This is similar to when, friends in the next room talk about you. Or, more specifically if your friend started talking out loud about you, it would be difficult not to listen. That is what it is like for someone who naturally can "hear" other people's thoughts.

The interesting thing is that both for those who naturally hear other people's thoughts as well as psychics who are specifically hired to retrieve information from your mind, the very information and topics you want to remain hidden are the ones that usually sound the loudest or appear the brightest!

It is so much better to simply activate Psychic Privacy Protection, because its unique quality is that of concealing the very information you consider the most sensitively private, without drawing unwanted attention to those topics.


With purchase you will receive 1 chi ball attunement and 1 electronically sent Master Teacher emanual.



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