Crossing Over Brigade Master, digital pdf by Mariah Windsong: Sacred Gatekeepers & Escorts For Anyone Who Needs Assistance Changing Realms


Prerequisite: Reiki Master to pass to otehrs

Included 1: Master pdf manual.  Allowing You To Attune Others & Also Run Energies On Behalf of Others

Founder Mariah Couture

Language - Available in your choice of either English OR German

Crossing Over Brigade Initiation provides you with the authority and privilege of calling upon this troop of sacred gatekeepers and escorts for anyone who needs their assistance.

Here are some times to call upon the Crossing Over Brigade:

  1. When you encounter a "ghost" who has not crossed over (in this reality, night dreams or astra or spirit travels).
  2. Assisting any spirit to pass onward who is not in body and who used to be in body.
  3. For use with people and animals, birds, fish or amphibians who have passed on suddenly due to accident or murder
  4. A pet's body has died but the pet is unwilling to cross over due to loyalty to human companion
  5. When a person's body is ready to die and they fear the afterlife or believe there isn't an afterlife

Crossing Over Brigade Initiation is especially useful with those people who either don't believe in life after death, or aren't scared that that won't arrive into a good place. These people are often unwilling to go onward. The Crossing Over Brigade are highly persuasive in a loving manner. This is often called psychopomp work. Psychompomp literally means "a guide of souls" and it is these guides who escort the soul into the after life. Different cultures have different guides. A person's genetic and soul lineage, together with their beliefs determine who their personal Crossing Over Brigade is composed of.


Anyone may receive this initiation, thereafter calling upon the Crossing Over Brigade when need be. Only Reiki or Seichim Master Teachers may pass this initation onward. With purchase you will receive 1 distant attunement by orb of life  and the original digital pdf manual sent electronially by link

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