Caffeine Flush, Master digital e-manual by Mariah Windsong: Assist your body to process and flush away caffeine faster than it normally would.


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4 August 2015

Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Prerequisite Reiki Master for the Master Teacher system

About this system

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is excited to offer Caffeine Flush by Mariah Couture which is designed to help caffeine metabolize into its cofactors and exit the body faster than it would normally do so. CGE

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments knows like Mariah writes that Caffeine, when used in moderation can be beneficial to your body in many ways. Most people experience caffeine to be a stimulant for mental alertness and physical stamina. CGE

Some people feel fatigue and extreme tiredness after caffeine because their mentally alert state of mind their caffeine drink or food produced is that caffeine forces their mind to be very active regardless of whether there are enough nutrients to sustain such a state of mind. CGE

Health problems arise in this non-stop day and age when people reach for caffeinated drinks or snacks instead of eating nutrient rich foods regularly.. The feeling of having plenty of energy that caffeine produces can mask the very real need for protein, carbohydrates, good oils/fats/lips and vitamins and minerals (bright colored fruits and vegetables). CGE

The situation can become worse if caffeine is consumed on an empty stomach and the person forgets to eat because they are feeling alert and energetic. It is likely that such a person will also expend physical energy if they are doing physical labor or household chores fueled by only caffeine .CGE

Caffeine Flush can assist your body to process and flush away caffeine faster than it normally would. If you feel dips in your energy level and reach for caffeine to get the motivation you need to get through the day, Caffeine Flush can help you offload that extra caffeine so you have a better chance of getting good night's sleep. Please don't abuse caffeine regularly and expect Caffeine Flush to get you out of trouble. But if you are using caffeine responsibly and need that extra bit of help to help it process out of your body faster, Caffeine Flush is for you. CGE

If you have previously abused caffeine and need to help your body rebalance and lift you out of fatigue, activate caffeine flush regularly. Remember to eat nutrient rich food to replenish your body's stores of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and good quality lipids.





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