Egyptian Cartouche Mastery digital e-manual !& cartouche e-cards to be used for divining, healing, talisman, metaphysically


Includes Egyptian Cartouche1 Mastery digital e-manual

Prerequisite Seichim Master & "The Way of Cartouche" by Murry Hope

The initiation into Egyptian symbology is very powerful and brings heightened awareness and clarity. Vivid dreams after this initiation is one of the experiences some people have had. The power of Egypt and its symbols of ancient times hold old energies and power. Murry Hope's book "The Way of Cartouche" describes these various energies.

This syste1ms utilizes the 24 Egyptian cartouche cards f1rom Murray Hope which can be used for meditations, divining, healing, metaphysical uses and talismans. These can assist you with insights and answers to any of life's problems or matters.When being attuned to this vibration you should ensure that you have at least one hour for this distance initiation and it is advisable to have complete rest after the initiation.

Kathleen Milner (founder of Tera MaiTM and of these initiations) describes the Egyptian Cartouche as an ancient Egyptian (or older) system of magic that can be used for divination, healing, meditation and protection. Other systems of divination such as the Tarot are said to have their roots in the Cartouche.

There are 24 initiations into the ancient universal symbols from Egypt and Atlantis. Once initiated, you will be awaken and re-connected to the "rainbow bridge" which will open other doors, your healing powers will increase, and your psychic powers increase enabling them to divine more accurately.

This initiation at present is only given distantly. The energy and ceremony involved is exhausting and one needs complete silence. 24 different energies will be initiated into your energy system.

Each card can be used for meditation, divination, healing or magical or talismanic purposes. When arrayed in the various layouts, they can provide insight and answers to dreams, family or emotional problems, financial or business matters, healing and health, crafts and skills, protection, spiritual seeking, or any of life's many enigmas.

Vibrations are passed subconsciously to the cards when you handle them, so the order in which they fall in a reading is directed by the prompting's of your subconscious mind.

Included: Distant attunement via chi ball only and the original e-manual



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