House Ambassador Distant Session, by Mariah Windsong: Includes 1 digital e-informational pdf sent electronically


Includes 1 distant energy session with informational digital e-informational pdf electronic file delivered to you y by link

Buy 1 Get 1: No, : Not included in get 1 free offerings

Facilitator: Mariah Windsong Couture

Delivery: Please allow a minimum of 4 days for delivery of your session or longer depending on the number of sessions before yours.


Want a better relationship with your house or the area of the building you rent?

Need help teaching your house how to hold sacred space?

"Most houses have a sentient awareness that is in charge of the space and is impacted by human’s opinions of the house. This is to say whether they like it or not, feel safe within its walls or want to move away. When houses have to transition to new owners and especially when new occupants arrive, it can be stressful. Stressful for the house. The house tries hard to be welcoming, yet it can experience fear when it is put up for sale".

Mariah's copyrighted House Ambassador Session fosters communication between you and your house (or the building you reside in). Some houses are talkative, others aren’t.

Write a short paragraph about what message you want Mariah to pass along to your house. She will work with Eternal Sacred Source to bridge communication. At least your message will be passed along and as an empath Mariah usually will perceive what the house’s feelings are even if there is no thought reply to your message.

If the house has been wounded by violence that happened within its walls, healing may be required.

  • This session is not a house clearing and it is necessary that you have a house clearing done before Mariah will agree to doing this session.
  • This session is about communication between the house and you, and healing for the house
  • This session i s not about entity removal or ghost removal or communication. If those issue are present this House Ambassador session will be much less effective. Mariah does not attend to any entity removals or ghost issues.

If you are a house owner and want to sell it, the spirit of the house may not know how to connect with Source on its own and so might be even more afraid of being left alone. It might really like the current owners and not understand that the idea of you moving is not a personal offense.

By purchasing you agree that this is not included in the buy 1 get 1 free offerings. Yes, I have had a house clearing performed prior to ordering this House Ambassador Session. Please allow a minimum of 4 days for your session to be completed. Please answer this question: ?Yes, I have had a house clearing performed prior to ordering this House Ambassador Session?, Yes?

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