Ethereal Estrogen Increase and Balance Personal Use (English or German pdf) by Mariah Windsong Couture: Ethereal Estrogen & More

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28 June 2015

Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Language: Digital pdf manual available in your choice of either English or German

Levels 1

Manuals 1  Personal Use Manual Included

Prerequisite: None for Personal Use

About this system:

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments is pleased to present Mariah Windsong Couture’s newest system called Ethereal Estrogen Increase and Balance. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found these energies to come straight from Eternal Sacred Source and how your body responds to Ethereal Estrogen Increase and Balance is individual. You will receive exactly as much ethereal estrogen as is appropriate for your body at this time. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Clients who would be interested will be women in various stages of peri - menopause and menopause as well as those who have had their ovaries removed.   cge

So, if you are a Cosmic Goddess Empowerments male client, student or teacher, receiving these energies with the intent of activating energies for a woman, you may safely do so without this system increasing your own estrogen levels. (unless you are deficient in even the small amount of estrogen that a male body naturally uses to balance its hormones.). Men naturally have a higher level of estrogen, especially Estriol in their body than a post-menopausal woman would have. Men may increase the quality of their skin by activating this energy function.

Some transgendered males who desire to feel more feminine and can feel subtle spiritual energies will enjoy ethereal estrogen's benefits for them and their body.

This system may help with these and other body symptoms if your estrogen levels are low:

  • Headaches                                              cge
  • Depression                       cge
  • Moodiness
  • Hot Flashes
  • Reduced skin elasticity             0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160; cge
  • Sleep problems     &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;     cge

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments recommends this system for our clients, for client’s friends or family members who need more estrogen in their body.

Some people respond well to Estrogen Replacement Therapy, some don't. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found Blood Estrogen Increase and Balance attends to many of our body's discomforts that arise from less estrogen flowing through the bloodstream when previously Cosmic Goddess Empowerments clients bodies were accustomed to previously getting pulses of estrogen and progesterone sent into the bloodstream throughout the day and night.

Ethereal Estrogen Increase and Balance energy system works with whatever forms of phytoestrogens, Estriol cream or hormone replacement therapy you are using. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments found that this energy also works with herbal remedies you might be taking, too. If there are times when you need to reduce your intake of phytoestrogens or other forms of hormone replacement, this energy system can help your body meet its hormone needs.      0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              0;      &# 160; cge

Energy Functions:

  • Brain Estrogen Receptor Pleasure     &# 160;              0;      &# 160;              cge
  • Skin Estrogen Receptor Fulfillment,
  • Bone Marrow Estrogen Receptor Fulfillment      ;       60;      & #160;       ;       60;       cge
  • Body Temperature Regulation Shakti
  • Uterus Protector
  • Estrogen Immunity energy function     &# 160;              0;      &# 160;       cge


There is an alternate title Called Blood Estrogen Increase and Balance. The difference is in the delivery of the ethereal estrogen and where it permeates. If you want ethereal estrogen to be delivered with your blood, to every cell and body organ then activate it by this title, if nott you will activate energies using The Ethereal Estrogen Increase and Balance.

With purchase you will receive the original English or German Translation Personal Use Manual sent electronically by email and 1 distant attunement by chi ball.



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