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Earth Soul Anointing, digital pdf by Mariah Windsong: Sacred Feminine Energy of the Earths Soul, Nature Spirits and Devas


Founder Mariah Windsong Couture

Levels 1

Language: Manual pdf’s available in either English or German

About this system:

Earth Soul Anointing is a dose of Earth’s Soul energy.

osmic Goddess Empowerments says now you don’t have to be a shaman to sense presence of Angels and Nature Spirits. People who are skilled at shamanic style spiritual journeying or are able to sense the presence of Angels and Nature Spirits in their meditations will likely have a more profound experience with Earth Soul Anointing than someone who doesn’t feel subtle energies. Cosmic Goddess Empowerments says that now you can also make that connection with Nature Spirits and Devas if you have a sense of them now, your connection is likely to increase and any sincere seeker will benefit from this anointing.

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments agrees with Mariah when she writes: Earth Soul Anointing is to be approached with reverence! If She feels you are ready for a more visceral meeting in a very conscious way that you will remember, then She will grant it to you.

This is an anointing of Earth’s Soul energy, it is not for us to ask for additional things, nor ‘run’ her energy. We are granted the privilege of an up close meeting with Earth’s soul energy, and are to simply be grateful to be within the core of who she IS as an observer. Thank you for reading about Mariah's system at


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