The Nagpopa Kapala Empowerment 1-4, digital pdf manual: Reclaiming Lost Ancient Ritual Ways


Includes English digital e-manual sent electronically by link.  

Founder: Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa.

30 March 2015

Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has added the following descriptions for their students:


Kapalika means bearer of the skull-bowl. They are Ancient Tantric Yogis upholding formidable Tantric traditions 

History of Kapala:

Kapala is Sanskrit for skull cap. Many of the deities of Vajrayana, including Mahasiddhas, Dakinis and Dharmapalas are depicted as carrying the kapala, usually in their left hand. Kali is one who is depicted as such. Kapalas are used mainly for esoteric ritual practice such as higher tantric meditations, magickal workings or as an offering bowl on an altar.


Aghori uphold the most high principal traditions and form of tantra.

About Nagpopa Kapala Empowerment:

1700 years ago we were engaged in the creation of the  Kapalika Aghora tradition by amalgamating the Kapalika way of things with Tibetan Sorcery and Mahakali Tantra.

This is an energy system corresponding to Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidasa's lifetime as Nagpopa.when ritual items were made out of his bones, specifically the skull.

Nagpopa Kapala Empowerment  is about  Nagpopa Kapala. All of these energies are coming to you through both the Kapala as well as through an exceptionally powerful Kapalika Aghor Priestess

W hether you are a Kapalika Aghori or not the Nagsopa Kapala Empowerments hold amazing energies and will be of an extraordinary benefit for you.

One is to open your eyes to see the ancient way of things behind current day misrepresentation and religious perversions of modern society and to recover many of the lost spiritual processes and rituals from any ancient spiritual practice and be lead back into a more pure way of living and working in balance with Nature and the Spirits.

Note: The  Nagpopa Kapala Empowerments should be used with the Nagpopa Kapala Meditations which are included in your digital e-book manual.

The 4 Empowerments:


  • Personal Spiritual Insights Empowerment: As we witness the breakdown of society on a massive scale worldwide. This is because so much of what has been done in the world was perpetrated to take away our personal and spiritual freedom. This empowerment will help you to see how you can change, step-by-step, to regain the ancient ways without causing a massive amount of destruction in your life and in the lives of those around you.
  • Ancient Spiritual Practices Recall Empowerment:This empowerment will help you to realize and recover the lost ways of being and living, and to understand what they cause to happen in the spirit world and more
  • Ancient Ritual Recall Empowerment:This empowerment is much like the Ancient Spiritual Practices Recall Empowerment except that it helps you to regain and harness the ancient spiritual energies so that they are the most effective in their results. It will show you how to undo some things that our Elders installed energetically to safeguard the ways and energies that no longer serve us and that we would benefit greatly from having released.
  • The Way Shower Empowerment: This empowerment will show you how to lead others back into these ancient ways, how to teach them in baby steps that will not scare them half to death in the process from how things are done now back into the ways of power to which they will return.


Note About Receiving Your Empowerments:

This is a tantric energy system and will be received as the tantrics receive and the same as such by you.If you are not comfortable in your own skin, this would not be for you.   If you've any questions, please contact us prior to your empowerments.





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