2015 ULTIMATE FIRST LIFE 2015 Upgrade, Level 2, Upgraded digital pdf manual: Tyranny Cycles Removal, Guilt Imprint Clearing and more!


February 2015

The Ultimate First Life 2 2015: Tyranny Cycles Removal Guilt Imprints Clearing & Energy Unfolds 1080 times greater than the original

Founders Argandini Titsari & Hari Winarso

Levels 2 - This listing is for level 2

Prerequisite: The Ultimate  First Life Reiki 1 and the Original First Life 1 & 2

Technically, there is no difference between FIRST LIFE 2 and ULTIMATE FIRST LIFE 2, the difference is in the ULTIMATE FIRST LIFE 2, the energy unfolds 1080 times greater than FIRST LIFE 2. That’s why done to receive attunement of FIRST LIFE 2 and ULTIMATE FIRST LIFE 1 is a prerequisite here.  CGE


First Life is purity, first life is beginning, and First Life is pure energy free from any negative attachments that block your life force. First Life is a condition when a spirit has no impurity.

First Life promotes healthy living by enhancing the flow of energy through the human energy field that strengthens the innate healing wisdom of the body. First life regenerates the damaged part of the human spirit, so that the original function is restored. CGE


Included in Level 2:


  1. Tyranny Cycles Removal
  2. Guilt Imprints Clearing Attunements
  3. Unconditional Love Frequency
  4. Self-Love Activation


Tyranny Cycles Removal:  CGE

Release many personalities and energy configurations of blaming others for your own unhappiness. Victims of this give their power away and feel helpless in many situations not to mention that this mode attracts real life tyrants into their reality. This attunement releases this cycle and brings you into your own self-power. CGE

Guilt Imprints Clearing Attunement:  CGE

Guilt is one of the biggest blockages of joy and self-love and a strategy used to manipulate others or be manipulated. After this attunement you can no longer.have anyone put a guilt trip on you. CGE

Unconditional Love Frequency Activation:    CGE

This is a higher divine energy to remove judgments, hatred and activates the frequency of unconditional love so you can separate a person's behavior from their true essence.

Self-Love Activation:

This activation removes imprints of self-hatred and unworthiness and activates the highest frequencies of self-love. You will lose the need to look for love outside yourself because it can be found within. CGE

With purchase you will receive: The original English translation pdf manual by Hari sent electronically by link and distant attunement by call in method




Prerequiste: The level 1 2015 and original First Life 1 and 2. Eligible Student Members, please list your bogo choice here;

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