2015 ULTIMATE FIRST LIFE 2015, Level 1, digital e-manual: Aura Clearing, Genetic Imprints Removal, Ying Yang Union & More


The Ultimate First Life 1 2015 unfolds 1080 times greater than the original First Life 1. First Life is a wonderful energy of the Divine consciousness. In the First Life’s system, you will find many different attunements and activations. 

Founders Argandini Titsari & Hari Winarso

Levels 2 - This listing is for level 1 of Ult:imate First Life Reiki

Prerequisite: The original First Life Reiki 1 & 2

Technically, there is no difference between FIRST LIFE 1 and ULTIMATE FIRST LIFE 1, the difference is in the ULTIMATE FIRST LIFE 1, the energy 1080 times unfold than FIRST LIFE 1. That’s why done to receive attunement of FIRST LIFE 1 is a prerequisite here, because the energy of FIRST LIFE 1 is very important as basic to unfolding the energy to the ULTIMATE FIRST LIFE 1. CGE


About this system:


First Life promotes healthy living by enhancing the flow of energy through the human energy field that strengthens the innate healing wisdom of the body. First life regenerates the damaged part of the human spirit, so that the original function is restored. First Life is purity, Firs Life is beginning, First Life is pure energy free from any negative attachments that block your life force. First Life is a condition when a spirit has no impurity.


Included in Ultimate First Life 1


        1. Aura Clearing Attunement             CGE
        2. Karma Removal Attunement           CGE
        3. Genetic Imprints Removal Attunement    CGE
        4. Ying Yang Union Activation   CGE


Aura Clearing:

Useful for clearing portals, wormholes and removes discarnate and auric attachments that are causing you the greatest suffering. CGE

Karmic Removal:

This is a higher vibration form the Divine to change priority polarized karmic laws which are decisions, truths, concepts, alignments, oaths,. Vows, unresolved emotion and attitudes which are consciously obstructing your life. Removes negative karma - deep emotional wounds - limiting beliefs - and recover gold nuggets of wisdom. CGE

Genetic Imprints Removal:

Removes genetic imprints inherited from parents and ancestors. Guilt, dependency, poverty, unworthiness, shame passed through DNA are removed now. These effects go back at least 7 generations. Key assistance here for clearing belief systems and lies that you have accepted and have been passed from generation to generation. CGE

You will receive 1 remote chi ball attunement to level 1 and 1 level 1 pdf manual sent electronically by link


Original First Life 1&2 are prerequisite, eligible student members, please list your bogo choice here:

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