Goddess Red Tara, digital pdf manual: Magnetize / Subjugate, FIERCE aspect of Tara for obstacle removal & more


Includes digital e-manual sent electronically and attunement

Founder: Tracey Loper


Goddess Red Tara is associated with magnetizing all good things. Red Taras primary activity is magnetizing or subjugating. Red Tara is the fierce aspect of the Tibetan Buddhist Goddess Tara who embodies compassion, redemption, and removes obstacles on the path as well as repressed fears and anxieties. Red Tara magnetizes to you all good things. Red Tara is the Goddess of great wisdom and power, of magic and enchantment and the mother of liberation.

Using the energy of Goddess Red Taras Empowerment you may heal and work on sexual issues of all kinds and the emotions connected to these issues. As well, this energy can warm the entire body and charge it with energy thus being particularly helpful for low energy. The energy of this healing system is particularly good for blood circulation and easing tensions or stresses. You can also use the energy to create strong love inflow through the heart chakra and to clear and expand the lower chakras, the first and second chakras and the pelvis area. You can use this energy to remove obstacles to sickness or untimely death or similar situations.

Any block to something that you desire can be removed with the energies of Goddess Red Tara. With her sensuality, sexual charisma energy she can be invoked to help in deeply intimate relationships.   When you are having a difficult time connecting with your partner Goddess Red Tara can be invoked to help you to whisper terms of endearment, to guide your sensual power, explore your erotic potential, deepen intimacy, reveal and fulfill your lovers fantasies and infuse lovemaking with fire and romance. She can help you to magnetize your partner?s attentions and affections by removing any blocks that are within you that are preventing these from coming in your direction. The same is true if you are alone and you want to attract a partner who cares, loves and wants to be with you, or you want someone in particular to fall deeply in love with you or if you have a lost love whom you want to fall back in love with you. 

Goddess Red Tara can be invoked to put anyone or any situation under your power. This includes situations like when you are going to court to fight a ticket or lawsuit, need to assert yourself with a controlling or overbearing boss, or are opening a new business, or working on manifesting something in your life.


You will receive the English pdf digital manual sent electronically and 1 distant orb of life attunement  









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