Golden Splash, digital pdf: Improve focus, reduce emotional clutter, improve persistance, enhance immune system, change temperament, improve libido


Temperament is how each individual reacts to other people, situations and environments around them indicate the inherent value of Temperament.

Fouder Jalu Wasonoadi

Levels 1

About this system:

Humans are born with a certain temperament or mixture does not mean that they are stuck on a particular behavior. Many factors affect the temperament from time to time and will determine the outcome of a particular personality in one's life.

Environment plays a part in temperament as well. For example, the best boy in the world could harden if raised in an environment of violence. But the weaker children could also be made more powerful in the same neighborhood when he decided to better himself despite his environment.


Golden Splash

Golden has the properties of gold (metals) and yellow colored.


Gold has been a source of mystic power for millennia. Like silver, gold earnest of balance the energy systems of the body, but in a more warming way. Where silver reflects the moon, gold harnesses the energy of the sun. Gold is an important color in oriental healing. Its principal property is in strengthening and amplifying. Gold is very useful in increasing the self-consciousness. It has beneficial effect on the immune system and on the cardiac conditions.

Characteristics of Gold

Gold is a color that can strengthen the energies associated with the entire immune system. It can be used with other colors to amplify the effects without overexciting the system. It is very strengthening to the heart. It is effective to use in regard to all cardiac problems, especially as a powerful tonic after heart surgery. Gold is a powerful stimulant to the immune system of the body. It helps awaken the individual's own healing abilities to assist the body in restoring homeostasis. It can also awaken renewed enthusiasm. Gold is also believed to improve libido, especially in women. Gold also harmonizes the mind and affect the endocrine systems.


Yellow is a cheerful color when used in moderation. Lighter shades of yellow lend a light and airy feel. At the Physical level: yellow can be used for skin problems, nerve, liver, kidney, around the solar plexus. In Mental level: yellow can be used to stimulate the intellect, clarity. Yellow is used for happiness, laughter happiness. Purify the body, help develop a healthy nervous system, assertiveness, giving the ability to understand easily and the ability to be logical. Yellow can be used to help cure the infection and to counteract the effects of poison.

Golden Splash assists to  work:

- Helps you to have a good mood

- Helps improve your focus

- Reduce your emotional

- Improving your persistence

- Increase activity

- Make you to remain cheerful

- Increase the body's immunity



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