Heart of Mary Magdalene, digital pdf: Love, Support, Nurturance, Comfort, Care for Suffering Family and Friends



Included is digital e-maniual in English sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb of life/chi ball method

Founder Tracey Loper

Part of the purpose for this healing system is to carry forward Mary Magdalenes energies on Earth to All! These vibrations are intensified as the userand or recipient of this healing energy continues to carry the torch of Mary Magdalene or to follow the path of Mary Magdalene, to have the Divine Heart of Compassion which she so embodies.

We can seek to anchor her energies here on the Earth plane so that we can be Apostles of Light, Priestesses of Compassion, Prophetess of Wisdom, and the Divine Feminine free spirit that is ours by Divine Right.As we experience the compassionate energies of Mary Magdalene we seek out and embrace opportunities to demonstrate caring concern, love and support, nurturance and comfor t, unconditional acceptance and understanding to of all kinds to people near and far. The type of compassion that the energies of Mary Magdalene embodiesis not simply a sense of sympathy or caring for a person suffering, not simply a warmth of heart toward the person before you, or a sharp clarity of recognition of their needs and pain, it is also a sustainedand practical determination to do whatever is possible and necessary to help heal and alleviate their suffering.

Mary Magdalene lends us faithfulness, gratitude, servant hood, sacrificialness, devotion, the ability to heal through ministering healing to others, the desire to die to self and care for the needs of others. She teaches us the ability to have - love and gratitude - manifest into devotion to others. Mary Magdalene teaches us to give, love and serve. Mary Magdalenes energies will help us feel the resonance from the aspect of ourselves that is like her, loving, compassionate, warm, understanding, accepting and so much more so that we take the time to quiet our spirits and get in touch with and act from our heart becoming the true Healers we are meant to be.

The energies of this system will beautify us as a Servant of Spirit so that we can grow towards having Divine virtues and attributes to such a degree that we can follow the path of Mary Magdalene by being a model for Spiritual Life and Virtue. Mary Magdalenes energies will have a strong influence on us and be a source of encouragement for us to practice Divine attributes and virtues


Included is digital e-maniual in English sent electronically by link and distant attunement by orb of life/chi ball method



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