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About this package:

The Seven Rays of Light are represented by Seven Archangels. Including Archangels Michael, Jophiel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Zadkiel.

About the Archangels and Their Rays:

The Blue Ray of Light Archangel Michael: The energy of this first ray of light Flame is the first and final synthesis, the source of all the other energies. The Blue Flame is in the core of the very strength and energy. The first Ray is represented in the power of intent, cause, direction, centralization and unity, and its keynote is will - Divine Will.the energies of power, strength, faith and protection. Archangel Michael the leader of all Archangels and Angels. Michael can free you from your bad karma, negative energy and restraints that bind you to other people, situations and memories from the past. He can give you strength, power and protection from the devastating thoughts, feeling and deed of others.                                                                        CGE CGE CGE

Yellow Ray of Light - Archangel Jophiel: The Yellow Ray of Light Initiation. Second Ray of Light- Archangel Jophiel This is a Ray of consciousness. The yellow golden flame brings the impulse or binding light and love, as well as for unifying matter and spirit. This is a Ray of wisdom, sensitivity and intuition.The energy of the yellow flame qualifies and teaches, enabling the processes of thorough synthesis, love, wisdom, enlightenment and peace.  Archangel Jophiel, the Angel of enlightenment is the most prominent representative of the Yellow Ray, and of the yellow golden Flame.Jophiel  brings you wisdom out of the Source of all things, bestowing you ih love and peace. Archangel Jophiel can help youovercome fear, ignorance, and false pride. He can lead you toward health,goodness, and other truly spiritual insights and enlightenments.

The Pink Ray of Light Initiation Third Ray Archangel Chamuel: From the third Ray of the Pink Flame we see the manifestation of the activities, intents, and wisdom of the first two rays: the first Blue ray and the second Yellow Ray. Here we see the qualities of creativity and adjustability.

Through the pink Flame the needs are expressed, plans formulated, and material is selected. This is a Ray of Divine love, tolerance, adoration, and gentleness. The most prominent representative of the Pink Ray is Archangel Chamuel. Archangel Chamuel is an Angel of adoration and glorification. He is able to increase and multiply all positive things, if you only ask Him to. Archangel Chamuel will show you the way of compassion, love and forgiveness. He amplifies the flame of love in your heart, by providing for Divine love and comfort.

The White Ray of Light Initiation with Archangel Gabriel: The white Ray stimulates the creativity, art, and beauty.The white flame is especially sensitive to sounds and colors. Here we can learn discrimination, velocity and search for perfection.The intuitive strength is especially emphasized, as it calls for love, life and understanding. The White Ray exhibits the greatest power of purification, which is being manifested through the ability of ascending all spiritual faculties of the individual. Archangel Gabriel is the most prominent representative from the Angelic kingdom for the white flame, and His task is to channel and distribute the energy of the white Ray. Archangel Gabriel is an Angel of annunciation and edification. He sustains the perfection of the untainted Divine plan for every individual, for every incarnated Angel, and for the whole planet Earth.Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God, Angel of the fourth Ray of purity, artistic creation, resurrection and ascension. He gives us hope and teaches us about the virtues of true religion. 

The Green Ray of Light Initiation Archangel Raphael. The Fifth Ray -The green Ray of light represents,crystallization of substance, knowledge and science.The green Flame is the Flame of balance and Truth.It leads to analysis and development of ideas, especially Divine ideas and impulses that have been conceived in the First ray of the Blue fame.Those ideas ultimately and inevitably produce wisdom and light. The fifth Ray of light brings the energy of exploration which might eventually produce separation and crystallization. The discernment and thoroughness with which the green Ray operates produce in the mind of man an act of final understanding and revelation of the Truth. This is the Ray of concentration, as a manifestation of the undisturbed sustained attention, which is attained by consecration.In the green Flame we recognize the seat of the physical healing and perfection. Archangel Raphael is an Angel of healing and consecration. Stand under the special blessing and protection.of Archangel Raphael.  He also forms the heart of every single individual who is supposed to take a new incarnation.

The Ruby Ray of Light Initiation Archangel Uriel The Sixth Ray represents devoted service, spiritual healing and idealism. This is a Ray of determination, abstraction and aspiration directed toward the causal areas of the human being. In the core of this Flame we find equity, disposition towards spirituality, ability to experience inner light, capacity of recognizing good. The basic attribute of the sixth golden-Ruby Ray is the quality of peace, attained as a consequence of understanding and accepting the truth, and only after the previous total consecration and dedication. Archangel Uriel, the Angel of Divine service, is the most prominent representative of the ruby Flame.

The Violet Ray of Light Initiation- Seventh Ray of Light- Archangel Zadkiel The Violet Flame and the seventh Ray of light are the most tangible and most expressive of all seven light Rays and Flames in the visible world.It reflects the quality and relationship that exist between spirit and matter, and due to these properties the Seventh Violet Ray is sometimes called ceremonial or magical Ray, a Ray of rhythm, ritual, law and order, organization and group consciousness. The rhythm of the violet Ray builds,integrates, manifests, and circulates in our bodies. The Violet Ray carriesalong the Divine qualities of love, mercy, compassion, spiritual transfiguration and transformation, and freedom.The color of Archangel Zadkiel's Ray is royal purple.

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