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Sacred Earth Energy, digital e-manual pdf: Connect to angels/guides/living things, Remove conscious physical limitations, be in tue with nature


Includes English digital e-manual pdf sent electronically and

Founder Susan Beaumont

Manuals 2

Symbols: 10

Levels 10

Pre-requisites: None

About this system:

Your mind is strong, your beliefs and faith are strong, yet you allow your ego and self-doubt prohibit you from progression on your journey. Sacred Earth is the energy in all things and within yourself and Sacred Earth is showing you a way of connecting you to the pure energy source in all livingthings. The energy that has always been accessible but you didn't realize until now! RSacred Earth Energy is a exquisite and comprehensive system, complete and it is whole in itself. This magical energy helps you connect with the energy of the earth and everything encompassing it.  Sacred Earth Energy is the energy that resonates within us and all around us. It is in the air, the plants, the trees, the animals, the rocks; it is you, it is me; it is the here, it is the past, present and future. It is in life it is in death; it knows no boundaries, it is multi-dimensional, it is not religion, it knows no time or distance. It can be found in everything; the knowing and feeling, it is that which makes all things possible.

The subconscious mind works in symbols therefore the Sacred Earth symbols help you focus your consciousness without your ego (or little voice in your head) questioning your actions and beliefs therefore losing your concentration and energy. The symbols in Sacred Earth will light your path to raise your vibration to mirror your surroundings and aid you in all you done enabling you to attune and sensitize yourself to others.  You can be very creative on how you use this gift of love and light.

 Sacred Earth Energycan aid in:

  • Connecting to angels / guides / messengers
  • Connecting to the Living Energy In All Things
  • Still your mind
  • Find Freedom / Enlightenment Within Yourself
  • Connect to Sacred Earth for Emotional/Mental/Physical Healing
  • Remove Conscious Physical Limitations
  • Feel Surrounded by Nature and Have Balance With All Things
  • Be In Tune with Trees/Birds/Flowers

Together with Sacred Earth draw upon its magnificent energy for many things including healing, intuition, psychic ability, spiritual development, feeling of wholeness and well-being, visualization and manifestation….

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