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75+ System Reiki, digital PDF PACKAGE for Usui Masters: Angel, Faery, Celtic, Akashic Record, Intuition, Crystal, Herbs, Lemuria, Tibet, Chakras


An amazing all-inclusive energy package of 75+ systems. For further information please refer to each individual listing

Includes digital e-manuals sent electronically and attunements sent 4 a day until all are sent.


  • Usui Reiki Master


  • For Registered STUDENT Members Only

BOGO: Packages must be your main choice not a free pick. Student Members may choose 1 single e-manual of 1 system (not another package) as a free gift!




  1. 7 (Seven) Pearls of Reiki
  2. Akashic Records Reiki
  3. Ama Deus Shamic Healing
  4. Amara-Omni Empowerment
  5. Angel Light
  6. Angel Stones
  7. Angelic Empowerments
  8. Archangel Ariel Link
  9. Archangel Cassiel Link
  10. Archangelic Gabriel Link
  11. Archangelic Jophiel Link
  12. Archangelic Metatron Link
  13. Archangelic Michael Link
  14. Archangelic Raphael Link
  15. Archangelic Sandalphon Link
  16. Archangelic Uriel Link
  17. Archangelic Zadkiel Link
  18. Archangelic Zaphrael Link
  19. Attraction Reiki 1-3
  20. Bear
  21. Blue Star Celestial 1-2
  22. Chakra Healing
  23. Celtic Reiki 1-3
  24. Celtic Wisdom Energy System
  25. Colours of Angels Initiation
  26. Divine Light
  27. Dolphin Trilogy
  28. Empowerment Reiki
  29. Ethereal Crystals 1-9
  30. Ethereal Flowers 1-2
  31. Ethereal Herbs
  32. Elemental Reiki
  33. Elixirs 1-2
  34. Elven Shamanic Healing
  35. Fairy Light RayKey
  36. Full Spectrum Healing
  37. Gold Reiki 1-2
  38. Golden Ray
  39. Golden Star Christ Activation
  40. Golden Triangle Reiki
  41. Green Tara Seichim Reiki
  42. Hawaiian Trinity Aloha
  43. Hawaiian Trinity Kahuna
  44. Hawaiian Trinity Uhane Nue
  45. Imara Reiki
  46. Inner Beauty
  47. Inner Light
  48. Inner Sun (Practitioner)
  49. Isis Blue Moon
  50. Karmic (Karmic Auric) Reiki
  51. Karuna Ki
  52. Ki Mana
  53. Kundalini Reiki 1-3 2008
  54. Lavender Flame (Lavender Flame Quan Yin)
  55. Light Dream
  56. Lunar Light
  57. Medicine Buddha
  58. Money Reiki
  59. Orb of Life
  60. Phoenix Rising Reiki
  61. Raku-Kei Reiki
  62. Reiki Psychic (Psychic Reiki)
  63. Seichim Reiki
  64. Sacred Breath
  65. Sacred Flames
  66. Sacred Stones (Rainbow Rays Stone)
  67. Sapphires of Angels
  68. Silver Violet Flame
  69. Solar Light
  70. Spirit Reiki
  71. Stones (Ethereal Stones)
  72. Telos Healing
  73. Tibetan Reiki
  74. Tibetan Soul Star
  75. Tiger Reiki
  76. Universal Rays
  77. Violet Flame
  78. Violet Light
  79. You Are Love Activation
  80. White Dove

This package is for student members (not teachers) only. With purchase you will receive the original English digital e-manual files are sent electronically by link  and distant energy attunements via orb of life call in method. Attuements are sent up to 4 a day until all are sent. I recommend no more than 4 attunements a week. There are no substitutions of systems with package offerings.Even if you have several of these it's still an amazing value! Main choice and bogo e-manuals and e-manual,  attunements and chi balls are sent to 1 member and 1 email address. Lineage Certificate is available for purchase in the store.  Lineage available most all systems.












































For Cosmic Goddess Empowerments Student Members. Packages must be your main choice not a free choice. Registered members may choose 1 single e-manual of 1 single system of equal or lesser value as a bogo gift (not another package or a group of e-manuals) To complete your order please list this choice here:

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