Mental Flushes, digital e-manual: Use to release negative thought forms, clear mental and much more


Founder Stephanie Brail

The energetic "flushes" are one of my most popular attunements due to their ease of use and effectiveness. You can find all the flushes here in my web store.

About Mental Flushes 1 & 2

Mental Flushes clear present and past issues so you can move forward on your path. The Mental Flushes work to remove negative thoughtforms and patterns from the mental body.  They  work to clear the mind by healing the mental body. This results in a clear, peaceful mind

The Mental Flush Empowerments work to clear the mind by healing the mental body. The mental body is that part of our spiritual being that is made up of our thoughts. (Other subtle bodies include the emotional body and the etheric body.)

Our mental bodies can get clogged with various negative thoughtforms. These thoughtforms, or persistent thought patterns, are often created by the culture around us or our own negative thinking. They can also come from our family, friends, and workplace. Extremely powerful negative thoughtforms can literally be given a life of their own and cause problems for the person they are attached to.

Releasing negative thoughtforms can instantly uplift the spirit. Clearing the mind of negative thoughts also brings peace and clarity, helping the individual respond to life's problems from a more pro-active, positive space.


The Mental Flushes offer a variety of benefits:

● Release from worry and stress.

● Clearing of persistent negative thoughtforms (may take repeated applications).

● Assistance in overcoming obsessive or compulsive thinking.

● Increased peace of mind. ● Improved concentration and focus.

Mental Flush 1

Mental Flush 1 clears out negative thoughtforms and releases negative thinking from the mind. Use this flush when worried, upset or obsessing over something. It will help clear and calm the mind.

While everyone will experience the flush differently, you may experience the following:

● A warm or cool feeling in the head

● A feeling of release

● A subtle shift in your thinking

● A break in the negative thoughts that were stuck in your mind

Use this flush as often as needed. If the mental “stuckness” is extremely stubborn (e.g., you are really worried or upset about something), try the flush a few times in a row.

Mental Flush 2

Mental Flush 2 brings the light of spirit into the mental body to uplift and inspire.

You may experience the following when using this flush:

● A feeling of warmth in the crown or head

● A sense of lightness and expansion

● Thoughts that turn towards the uplifting or spiritual

Use Mental Flush 2 whenever you (or your client) need to lighten up. This flush can be used in conjunction with the first flush or on its own. There is no limitation to its use. You can use this flush anytime as a pick-me-up.


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