Tulip Passion, digital pdf: Break down barriers preventing you from having happy & fulfilling love or finding soulmate


Founder Alec Summers

Prerequisite: Suggested for Reiki Masters

Symbols 5 - easy to work with

Tulip Passion Reiki was given to its founder, Alec Summers, from spirit after being attuned to Ahara Reiki. During meditation, Egyptian Goddesses, who are associated with Ahara, came to Alec and gave the name of the system together with the hand formations which take the place of symbols.

Tulip Passion Reiki is for healing relationships, honoring marriage, healing the heartbreak associated with romance and for bringing a soulmate into your life.

This energy seems to break down barriers that have unconsciously been put up by individuals, which may be preventing them from having a happy and fulfilling love life. You may find that more friends come into your life as well as lovers.

It is a very simple system for Reiki Masters which incorporates only five symbols which are created with the hands. Tulip Passion Reiki works on a situation to break down barriers either between a couple or that an individual has unconsciously created. It will help you to be more approachable and less angry so that you will feel that you are more capable to work on your relationship, or bring a soulmate into your life or heal your heart so that you can move forward in your life. It also helps you to let go of a relationship that is no longer working. Remember, we cannot control everything, sometimes it is to our highest good to let a partner go, but Tulip Passion Reiki will help you to heal and move on with your life.

In Persia, tulips are intrinsically linked to love and passion. There is a legend concerning a young man called Ferhad who was madly in love with Shirin. Unfortunately, she didn?t reciprocate his feelings and he went into the desert to die of a broken heart. His tears fell onto the sand and turned into tulips. Since then, young men give red tulips to women to declare their love and to let her know that he is on fire with an irresistible passion. Yellow tulips show a love that can never be reconciled. Variegated tulips are for beautiful eyes.

Everything is done to the highest good. There can be no guarantee that Tulip Passion Reiki will heal a damaged relationship, heal a broken heart or bring a soul mate into someone’s life. Everyone has free will which can overrule any healing. Never try to make a person love you – it is against their free will and is very bad karma.

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