Hawaiian Goddess Trilogy digital pdf: Divine Feminine, Transmutation, Divine Midwifing, Healing and More!


Includes English Hawaiian Goddess Initiations eManual pdf sent electronically by link and orb of life attunement(s).
Channeled by Lee Newman

The Hawaiian Goddesses Hi'iaka, Haume and Pele many gifts to share with the contemporary women.  In my description we have added our own magickal interpretations of these Goddesses along with Lee Newmans.

And so it is!
Haumea is the Earth Mother Goddess

In preparation for the beginning of Civilization She gave Form to all Star Children who first walked on the Holy Land of Mu as Goddesses and Gods. This land was known as Lemuria and many believe that Hawaii is a remnant of that land.It is said she lived as a mortal Woman
And was known by the name... La'ila'i She is regarded as the creatrix of the Hawaiian People. She is the Cosmic Mother ULI In Her Earth body Form The most famous of Her many, many children Are Goddess Pele and Goddess Hi'iaka. Her skill at Childbirth is recounted in many Stories. Children sprang from different parts of Her Body Validating Her Power of Fertility. Haumea acts as Divine Midwife to many human Mothers  Her human form is said to live on O'ahu On the Nothern side of Kalihi Valley She is known to frequently travel back and Forth From here to the home of her Cosmic family in Nu'umealani Haumea is referred to as a mysterious Akua and still resides over childbirth in Hawaii


Represents Wind Presence or Purpose Hi'iaka's psychic Visions allows her to be an Adept In all forms of Magic Born as a Cosmic Egg She was carried between Pele's Breasts until she became a young Beauty.  She is an expert Hula dancer Healer and Guardian Seen in the Sky as Hi'iaka-i-ka-maka-o-ka'opua And in Fresh water as Hi'iakaikawaiola She warns fisherman of dangerous storms at Sea appearing in the form of a small Rainbow

Earth Goddess Pele:
The continuing ritual recognition of Pele proves that the Divine Feminine has not yet become totally Extinct. We summon Her to clear and purify all that is not needed. She challenges and assists us into bringing forth that which lies dormant in the very core of our Being. This awakens us to use our Gifts creatively and fully for all to Experience. The skin of any person She possesses will redden.A Passionate Goddess...Pele guides Her devotees to Greater Wisdom. She is the Keeper of Emotions and is always willing to share Her "knowing" and lessons of Transmutation.
Pele is a shape shifter who can assume any form. She holds the power to create and destroy.  Described as "She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land" in ancient Hawaiian chants, the volcano goddess, Pele, was passionate, volatile, and capricious. In modern times, Pele has become the most visible of all the old gods and goddesses. Dwelling in the craters of the Big Island's Kilauea Volcano, she has been sending ribbons of fiery lava down the mountainside and adding new land around the southeastern shore almost continuously since 1983.

To this day, tales of Pele's power and peculiarities continue. Whispered encounters with Pele include those of drivers who pick up an old woman dressed all in white accompanied by a little dog on roads in Kilauea National Park, only to look in the mirror to find the back seat empty. Pele's face has mysteriously appeared in photographs of fiery eruptions, and most people who live in the islands-whether Christian, Buddhist, Shinto, or other-speak respectfully of the ancient goddess. After all, she has destroyed more than 100 structures on the Big Island since 1983, and perhaps even more awesome than that, she has added more than 70 acres of land to the island's southeastern coastline.
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