Healing Flushes 1-6, digital pdf manual 3 pdf: HEALING assistance for physical ailments removing negative energy, Karma Clearing, God Connect


Founder Stephanie Brail

Levels 6

Manuals 3 digital pdfs



Healing Flush Empowerment's 1 & 2 are designed to help heal physical ailments, especially acute but minor ailments such as colds and flu. These different aspects of human health (physical, emotional and spiritual) correspond to the three traditional Reiki levels.

The Healing Flushes for Physical Problems are very simple to use and work via intention. Healing Flush Empowerment 1 & 2 works to remove negative energy from the physical system, to help the body clear away viruses and other physical imbalances. These Healing Flush Empowerments help strengthen the body's energy to support the immune system and create greater overall health.


Healing Flush Empowerment's 3 & 4 - Healing Emotions/Emotional Trauma

The Healing Flushes for Emotional Problems are very simple to use and work via intention. Healing Flush Empowerment 3 works to remove emotional blockages. Healing Flush Empowerment 4 helps strengthen the emotional body to become more resilient to emotional stress and disappointment.

When using these flushes, it is important to understand that the reason we carry around emotional blockages is that we are afraid to fully express and release our negative emotions. By using these flushes on yourself you are loosening up buried feelings and emotions that may have been repressed for a long time.


The Healing Flush Empowerment's 5 & 6 - Spiritual Integration

They are again very simple to use and work via intention. Healing Flush Empowerment 5 works to clear karma and negative imprints on the soul.

Healing Flush Empowerment 6 helps strengthen the connection to spirit/God/the higher self (whatever it is you call your higher power).

 Karma clearing is always useful because even if we have cleared out karma from past lives, we are always generating new karma in our present life. Clearing karma is a way of forgiving the past. It helps us release it and move forward.

Connecting to spirit is the final flush in the series. This enhances the critical spiritual connection that we all need in order to feel whole and complete. This is a light, uplifting energy that can be used at any time to enhance that beautiful feeling of spiritual connection. From that space of openness and joy, we can respond to challenges in our life with greater ease and acceptance.

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