Money Reiki 1-3, digital pdfs: Spiritual Energy of Money - Align yourself to earn money with integrity following highest path


Symbols Yes - 7

Levels - 3  Wait between levels is listed in manuals

Founder Stephanie Brail

About this system

Money Reiki assists to help remove blocks that SABATOGE your money flow.

Stephanie Says that The Spiritual Energy of Money has the following effects:

  1. It supports each individual to earn money in ways that support their highest good and the highest good of others.
  2. It encourages the ethical use of money.
  3. It supports true abundance, where everyone is fed, clothed, and housed.
  4. It puts money in its proper place — where consumerism and “bigger and better” are not taking the place of spirituality.
  5. It helps institutions evolve to higher levels, so that they work more from heart and less from bureaucracy.

Money Reiki is here to help you and the planet with money issues.  Money Reiki is about the Spiritual Energy of Money. What does that mean? Once you are attunened to the Spiritual Energy of Money, you become part of a movement to increase the vibration of money AROUND THE WORLD... to one that is more generous, cooperative and egalitarian.

  1. Money Reiki Practitioner . This first attunement will align you with the intention that you can and will earn money with integrity by following your highest path.  You remove energetic blocks that cause you to sabotage yourself with money. If your bank account is frequently overdrawn, if you tend to have late fees on your bills, or if you have other financial management issues, Money Reiki will help.You will become more capable of manifesting money in your life.  Money Reiki is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme.  It is here to help transform the energy of money on the planet in addition to helping you personally.  The big difference between the Money Reiki philosophy and most prosperity programs is the acknowledgement that collective negative thought forms and energies surrounding money also need to be cleared and healed. In this course level you will learn how to use Money Reiki energies, including performing treatments on self and others, giving financial blessings, and creating a money magnet. You will attune to the dollar symbol.  Learn to make a money magnet object, create a money reiki charging box and more!
  2. Money Reiki Master Course: Stephanie Brail recommends a wait between 1 and 3 months This attunement delves deeper into Money Reiki - you will get three new symbols and more tools to use Money Reiki.  Money Reiki works to help you manifest your life purpose on this planet, so this course also covers the issues that may come up for you as you make these shifts, and how to ride through the rough spots as your life gets adjusted to support your purpose.Includes Euro Symbol, Manifestation Symbol and Golden Pyramid symbol
  3. Money Reiki Grand Master :  With Grand Master Money Reiki  you receive a powerful attunement to rewire your energy system to become a "money magnet." in Money Reiki Grand Master.  Included are Clearing Symbol, Affirmation Symbol, Grand Master Symbol

You will receive:

Includes Money Reiki Practitioner Level, Money Reiki Master Level and Money Reiki Grand Master Level, 3 digital English e-manuals sent electronically by link via zip file and Attunement Service via orb of life

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