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Abundance Flush, 3 digital e-manuals: Remove blocks to abudance,magnetize you to opportunity, create abundance and money stability!


Includes digial e-manuals sent electronically by link in English

Founder Stephanie Brail
Abundance Flush Empowerments (1 & 2)

The Abundance Flush Empowerments work on two levels: One, to remove blocks to abundance, and two, to magnetize the individual to opportunity and prosperity.
This system is exceptionally simple but powerful.

Abundance Flush Empowerments (3 & 4)
A continuation of the Abundance Flush Empowerments 1 & 2,  levels 5 & 6 work on the subtle bodies to lift the vibration and help support the soul's expression in the world, thus helping bring in new opportunities and prosperity.
Abundance Flush Empowerments (5 & 6)
Levels 5 & 6 are continuation of the Abundance Flush Empowerments, the focus of flushes 5 and 6 is to work on creating stability and space. These energies are designed to help overcome issues of "feast or famine" or "living check to check."

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