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Abundantia Abundance Ray digital pdf: Abundantia is Goddess of success, prosperity, luck and protector of money


Founder: Amy Bass

Abundantia is a beautiful goddess of success, prosperity, abundance, and good fortune,  Her image graced Roman coins in centuries past.

She is also considered a protector of savings, investments and wealth. She helps lift one out of "poverty consciousness" and into a place of gracious acceptance, peace and joy.

In Roman mythology, Abundantia brought money and other goods to people while they slept, her gifts falling from a cornucopia (horn of plenty) that she carried. In the Norse myths she was called Fulla, and was the attendant of Frigg who was the goddess of the atmosphere. Fulla acted as intermediary for Frigg and often performed favors for mortals who called upon the goddess to assist them.

Goddess Abundantia is the goddess of plenty, when you are fullfilling your lifes mission you may need support and the spirit world is happy to contibute to this support, if you ask them.  Abundantia is a powerful nurturing deity who can help with with abundance issues.  This glorious goddess will help make you a gracious receiver.

I know, as I lightworker, I am better at giving than receiving. Abundantia is like a gracious hostess who is constantly asking me... " do you need anything, is there anything I can help with and then lovingly fulfills my wish. "

Abundantia has taught me that money can fuel healing projects and afford me freedom where time is concerned.  Abundantia takes away lower thoughts about worrying about money and is guiding me on the high road to prosperity.

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