Kali Naga Shamanic Power, PICK 1 LEVEL, 1 digital e-manual: Increase your PERSONAL POWER , heal the root of disease, true protection when walking etc


Includes 1 digital e-manuals sent to you electronically by link

Founder: Prajna Shiva Kaldasa

Levels 4: This listing is for 1 level only


  • Registered Site Member 
  • Prior History of Attunements & working with Cosmic Goddess Empowerments
  • Daily Commitment throughout the Process
  • Willingness to adhere to attunement practice procedures
  • Willingness to work daily with individual levels for 28 days

Founder: Prajna Shiva Kaldasa

Note / Warning: This is a POWERFUL system of energies and it is NOT for everyone, there is adult content and it requires a commitment to work with energies as well as learning mudras etc. Please email me any questions you may have because there are no refunds after manual is sent.

About this system:

From the manual:

Pre-Hindu Tibetan Shamanism solidified into its original form approximately 60,000 years ago, and had only minimal changes among its core practices with the advent of the Hindus and then the Buddhists. One of the aspects that have survived with only minimal changes has been the nine mudra meditation form, and the ability to heal in ways that are not done in either Reiki or Seichim. Since the Shamans of the day had to travel into some very wild and remote areas where bandits were a constant threat they also developed an energetic martial art process to work with these symbols as well. That system for both healing and self-defense then spread into China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. With one minor variation, it is also the nine hands meditation form of Kuji-Kiri Ninjitsu.

Kali Naga Shamanic empowers you to:

• Heal the true root cause of all diseases that are missed by most other systems of healing on the earth today

• To walk where you will with the certainty that anyone who attempts to attack you will be defeated by their own energy without your having to engage in a physical confrontation the vast majority of the time.

• And, you will be empowered to defeat 99% of all physical attacks that do take place.

This system is a complete spiritual path to take you from any level through the point of complete spiritual awakening and self-realization. There are also mudras that will help you balance energy in yourself and others, be in harmony with all of the rest of Creation, build your spiritual, moral and physical strength, be invisible when desired, read the minds of others while protecting your own thoughts, overcome all forms of fear and defeat panic in emergencies, give you mastery over time and space and empower your psychic capabilities including such skills as psycho-kinesis, telepathy and astral projection.

Level 1

  • Level 1 includes meditation skills, the nine mudras (hand signs that change the energy in your body), breath-work, thirteen powerful meditations that allow you to access energy in many ways, and further empower yourself at will, and is the first step on the Path of Initiation of both the ancient Tibetan Shamans and the highly spiritual and often misunderstood warriors of the night known as the Ninja.

Level 2

  • Level 2 prepares you for the work in level 3 which will bring you some of the most powerful meditation, mudra and breath work forms on this planet which will help you become able to resist being cut, burned or shot and to repel attackers with their own energy as well as to protect other people and places from a distance. It will also ramp up your personal power 10,000 x stronger than Level 2 is to be received a minimum of 28 days after level 1.

Level 3

  • Level 3 takes you to a new level of breath-work, gives you some powerful meditation tools that will ramp your energy way up, and eight tried and true methods of being invisible when your situation warrants it, one of which I have personally used in combat. One of these methods also makes it possible for you to protect groups of people. This information is not available anywhere else in the western world, and most people in Asia and Africa will never see it anywhere else either. Level 3 has main initiation and 3 attunements for 3 methods of being invisible. If you have not done the breath work, mudras and meditation for levels 1 & 2 then 3 months wait before taking level 3 will not work for you.

Level 4

  • Level 4 is the Master Level. The meditation practices, breath-work and other information in this level will prepare you to receive the Master level initiation that will make it possible for you to give the initiations in this system to others, and to more fully engage in the work of Kali Naga Shamanism. In addition there are special energies directly from a living aspect of the Great Mother Goddess, the ability to receive a very powerful and ancient form of Guardian Spirit, and an alliance with the Dragon of Fire and with an ancient and still active volcano. In this level you are Initiated in a very powerful and ancient process that takes about 36 hours to complete, and includes 17 other attunements that take place at various stages within the initiation.

With purchase you will receive

  • The original single pdf manual (your choice of level1, or level 2, or level 3 or Level 4)  sent electronically by link
  • 1 distant attunement by orb of life method


Attunement Spacing:

  • You are purchasing 1 level with 1 attunement
  • There is a minimum of 28 Days of daily practice of level 1 exercises before you may attune to level 2.  Warning if you have not done breath work and meditation daily, it will be dangerous to you to attune to level 2.
  • There is a 3 month minimum wait between receiving level 2 and the two higher levels and there are no exceptions to this rule.


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