Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation Programme, digital PDF: Pleadian Light Beings from Planet Alcyone awaken help you develop your DNA


Founder Anna May

Levels 7


Pleiadian DNA Clearing and Activation Program is a series of 7 attunements which is faciliated by the Pleiadian Light Beings from the planet Alcyone. This energy works on an etheric level to awaken and develop your full 12 Strand DNA.

The Pleiadians

Anna May writes the Pleiadians frequently visit the Earth in order to further our development and often make themselves known to those of a more spiritual disposition through channeling and also through healing work that helps the individual align themselves with higher spiritual frequencies that will help them to help others when the Earth as a whole ascends to a higher spiritual plane; this planetary ascension began in 2012 when our sun and the main star of the Pleiades, Alcyone, moved into the photon band; an area of the milky way that was known by the Mayans as ‘the Tree’.


The Pleiadian DNA Clearing and Activation Program  is a series of healing attunements that will assist you in your own spiritual development and expression of your spiritual truth and potential.


This series of attunements are concerned with clearing the DNA of any irregularities/lower energy blocks and “repatterning” the DNA to the original 12 strange blueprint. The DNA is then fully activated on a spiritual level as it was intended to be. Details of how this process works and what it means are detailed below.

How DNA Clearing & Activation Works


There are 7 attunements altogether; each works on a different strand of the DNA on an etheric/spiritual level so that it becomes fully activated.


The attunements work on clearing, balancing and activating each strand of DNA on an energetic level; this has a powerfully healing effect on the body on a spiritual level and its effects may be felt throughout the system; mentally, emotionally and physically too.



During the process of DNA clearing, repatterning and activation, the individual may experience some of the following:


• Good and bad memories of past experience that have informed the present consciousness and behaviour


• A desire to overcome bad habits


• Release from negative connections to people of the past and present that may have been restricting the consciousness


• Release of negative though patterns


• Release of compulsive behaviours


• Release of insecurities, fears, jealousy and other low vibrational emotions


• Commitment to a programme of energy healing work or meditation


• A stronger relationship with God/The Universe/The Source


• A sense of self-wholeness


• Healing of physical symptoms associated with energy imbalance and retention of past beliefs/patterns

• A calling to prayer or religious expression


• A renewed sense of wonder


• Inner peace and joy


• Expansion of consciousness and love


• Increased patience and compassion for others


• Increased ability to access sacred knowledge


• Desire for healthful & natural food


• Increased self confidence


• Increased vitality


• Improved memory


• Increased intuition and ESP


Included with purchase is the original 28 pg manual by Rev Anna May and distant orb or life attunement service










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