Sun Disk digital pdf & attunement, 4 levels: Attune to Tsalagi Sun Disk, Naga Sun Disk, Gan Sun Disk & Sun Disk of Ancient MU



Founder Aghori Prajna Shiva Kalidas

Levels 4

Pre-requisites: None



  • Sun Disk Empowerment may be your main choice pick but not a bogo choice
  • Sun Disk may not be shared with others / resold until March 2014


Cosmic Goddess Empowerments has permission by founder to pass this system to others prior to 2014.


About this system:

Patriarchy - Correcting Patriarchal Error:

  • 10,000 years ago patriarchy did all it could to misappropriate the Matriarchy power from building temples dedicated to and claiming symbols to be their own.


  • One of the abuses in Asian cultures are that men are Yang / woman are Yin. Most sun disks were worn by men and in gold to balance their feminine while woman wore silver moons fashioned in silver.

The Sun Disk Empowerment attunements purpose is allowing you to harness the sun's power and allow you to use it in healing and ritual empowerment. The seasons in which we live are judged by the location and power of the sun. Simply put, all of life exists at the will of Grandmother sun both spiritually and in the physical sense. 

With the Sun Disk Empowerment you will connect to the actual energies of three sun disks from 3 different cultures and 1 from ancient MU.

The Four Attunements:

  1. Tsalagi Sun Disk - From Southeast Woodlands of USA
  2. Naga Sun Disk - From The Himalayas
  3. Gan Sun Disk - From Central Africa
  4. Sun Disk of MU - "From the Cradle of Civilization"

With purchase you will receive:

  • 4 distant attunements by chi ball call in method
  • The original manual sent as email pdf attachment


Sun Disk contains adult content, if you have any questions, please contact me prior to purchase. Sun Disk may not be resold until 2014, by purchasing you agree to this. Once manual is sent there are no refunds. Manual will be be sent when you list your single system bogo choice here:

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