Faery Queen Morgan le Fey Connection, digital e-manual: Sacred sisterhood of Avalon, experience the joys of the Fey and enrich your own life journeys


Included is digital e-manual in English sent electronically by link


Founder Philip Hilton / Raine Hilton

Levels 1

The Faery Connection empowerments will aid in your connection to the faery realm and especially the Faery Royalty. Call on her to help with any ritual, meditation or Elemental healing work you may wish to do.


The manual contains the following to further aid you in developing a working relationship with this Faery Queen:


Unique channelled communication direct from Queen Morgan Le Fey. Channeled by Philip Hilton.

  • Ritual ways to connect to Queen Morgan Le Fey, including music, find out which music this Fey Queen loves to hear.
  • Scent. What is the best scent to use when wishing to attract her to you?
  • Which color resonates with Queen Morgan Le Fey?
  • Unique ritual to enable & to strengthen your connection the Queen Morgan Le Fey.
  • Faery poem to enhance working mood.
  • Background on Queen Morgan Le Fey and other useful information.



About this system:

In a channeling, Morgan speaks;

I am a Faery of the sea. My very name tells all who would listen that I am Faery and also of the sacred sisterhood of Avalon.  I am a Faery first, yet still am I a woman and I do feel agreat love for all fellow dwellers in all the realms. 

I have a large capacity for mirth and humour as would shock the boring seekers and stop the po-faced ones upon their hallowed track. Come, enjoy and let us share the joys of Fey that you might learn our ways and enrich your own life journeys. And as I take my leave of you, let me impart one last truth. None call me Morgan, none that know me. Nor do they call me Le Fey, for tis nothing but a title and I am not one to run in answer as you might expect a pet. My name is Morgana, and to this will I always answer to. 

When looking for ways to work and connect with this Faery Queen, who is in reality a Sea Faery, we just need to be a little creative





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