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Faery Queen Oonagh Connection pdf & attunement: Shape shifting, she said to be the most beautiful of all faery royalty she will infuse you with beauty


Further aid you in developing a working relationship with this Faery Queen Oonagh with Faery Queen Oonagh Connection. Fairy Queen Oonagh.  Read more at

10 September 2013

Founder Philip Hilton / Raine Hilton

Levels 1

About this system:

The Faery Connection empowerments will aid in your connection to the faery realm and especially the Faery Royalty.  Call on her to help with any ritual, meditation or Elemental healing work you may wish to do.

The manual contains the following to further aid you in developing a working relationship with this Faery Queen:


  • Unique channelled communication direct from Queen Oonagh. Channeled by Philip Hilton.
  • Ritual ways to connect to Queen Oonagh, including music, find out which music this Fey Queen loves to hear.
  • Scent. What is the best scent to use when wishing to attract her to you?
  • Which color resonates with Queen Oonagh?
  • Unique ritual to enable and to strengthen your connection the Queen Oonagh.
  • Faery poem to enhance working mood.
  • Background on Queen Oonagh and other useful information.


This Faery Queen is a member of Daoine Sidhe (pronounced Deena Shee), a race of Fey who dwell in the hollow hills or mounds in Ireland. Her palace is located in Cnoc Meadha (pronounced Knockma) this is a large hill just to the west of Tuam, County Galway, Ireland. Oonagh, sometimes called Una or Oona. She is said to be the most beautiful ever seen by both mortal, as well as Faery eyes. Her Faery King is Finvarra.


The best time to connect with this Faery Queen is during the hours of the day, for she delights in the beauty of flower filled fields and sunlight dancing on water. The bee loud glade is music to this Royal Lady’s ears, as is the hum of the dragonfly.

Queen Oonagh is a shape shifter and is most associated with appearing in the guise of a young calf.


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