Faery Queen Maeve, digital e-manual The mundane can be magickal, see beauty in everything just as it is and alter your perceptions


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Founder Philip/Raine Hilton

Levels 1

About this system:

The Faery Connection empowerments will aid in your connection to the faery realm and especially the Faery Royalty.

This is a beautiful empowerment channeled to aid in your connection and workings with the Faery Queen, Maeve. Call on her to help with any ritual, meditation or Elemental healing work you may wish to do.

In a channeling to Raine, Queen Maeve, Queen of Connacht states :

There is a habit with your people and it is one which we fail to understand. You must have fact, always facts before faith each and every time. All things must pass your scrutiny and be catalogued and given a number. All things must fit into a correct area, before they can be deemed acceptable. You fail to simply allow things to be, because they are and to exist because they do

Maeve has the unique ability of showing how the mundane can be viewed as magickal and unique. Seeing the beauty in everything just as it is, your perceptions can be altered and new realities are revealed to you. When we choose to work inside tightly perceived notions of how things should and shouldn’t be, other beings included, we miss out on how things really are. Maeve is the lady of dreaming ways and the best time to connect with her is twilight when the veils between our worlds thin out and moments are apt to overlap.



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