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Faery King Oberon Connection, digital e-manual: Rainbows, dragon's breath at twilight, riches too numerous for comprehension, flexibility


Connect with Faery King Oberon with Faery King Oberon Connection.  Read more at


Founder Philip/Raine Hilton

Levels 1

About this system:

The Faery Connection empowerments will aid in your connection to the faery realm and especially the Faery Royalty.

In a channeling to Raine, King Oberon states: "I am less than rich in your wealth orientated monetary counting houses. Yet Ihave riches too numerous for you to comprehend. Mine is the rainbow and the high stepping horse, the dragon’s breath at twilight and the melting leaves of autumns turn. Mine is the brandishing of the water’s edge and the sparks in the fire. My kingdom is where you would plant your ill shod foot. Spare the land and spare the thought that comes to you in wild places".



We are not so different that we cannot be so and come together in union of thoughts and even deeds. What stops us in our midst is your inability to be truly flexible. Only when one of you sheds the skin of falsehood, will we stand side by side and back to back in comradeship and kinship on the skin of the mother and the flesh of host.



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