Elohim of the 7 Rays, 7 digital pdfs: Hercules/Amazonia, Apollo/Lumina, ,Eros/Amora, Purity/Astrea, Cyclopea/Virginia, Peace/Aloha, Arcturus/Victoria



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The elohim of the first ray, the elohim of the second ray, the elohim of the third ray, the elohim of the forth ray, the elohim of the fifth ray, the elohim of the sixth ray and the elohim of the seventh ray

1ST RAY: H ERCULES AND AMAZONIA are the Elohim of the first ray (the blue ray) of power, perfection, the will of God, faith, and divine direction. Devotees of this Ray desire to do the will of God through the power of the Father, the First Person of the Trinity. “Let there be light: and there was light” and God commanded the Matter creation to come forth out of Spirit, it was Hercules who summoned the mighty Elohim and the Builders of Form to precipitate the divine plan of the Solar Logo. Hercules' great strength is drawn through his obedience in love to the will of God. The Elohim releases blue-lightning protection and his momentum of will/energy/action in answer to mankind's calls for strength and direction. The auras of Hercules and Amazonia are charged with blue lightning and have an intense fiery pink lining. Most likely, the memory of the god known to the Greeks Heracles (Roman: Hercules) was retained from an ancient encounter with the Elohim. Their mythology has descended from the elder days–probably from Atlantis. After thousands of years, however, the gods and goddesses assumed human characteristics in the minds of the people because of the degeneration of their soul faculties of inner sight and their tendency toward idolatry. Therefore, what is presently ascribed to the mythological Hercules does not necessarily reflect the actuality of the Elohim. To the ancients, Hercules was a 'hero'–one of their most illustrious ancestors, an intermediary between men and the gods. His name means “glory of the air.”  Hercules presided over all aspects of Hellenic education.


2ND RAY : APOLLO AND LUMINA are the Elohim of the second ray (the yellow ray) of wisdom, omniscience, understanding, illumination, and the desire to know God through the mind of the Son, the Second Person of the Trinity. Apollo and Lumina are guardians of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Apollo's flame is a golden yellow enveloped in a sheath of blue lightning. The blue flame acts as a protective force field of energy surrounding the light of the Christ. This blue lightning cuts through the density of human error and miss qualification, clearing the way for Lumina's golden flame which manifests the perfection of the seven aspects of the Christ mind. The twin flames Apollo and Lumina infuse earth, air, fire, and water with the intelligence locked in the center of the atom–the essence of the diamond-shining mind of God.



3RD RAY: EROS AND AMORA are the Elohim of the third ray (the pink ray) of divine love, omnipresence, compassion, charity, and the desire to be God in action through the love of the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity. Eros and Amora infuse earth, air, fire, and water with the cohesive power of the Holy Spirit, the Whole-I-Spirit, the integrating principle of life. By the power of their love, planets are held in their orbits and electrons continue on their appointed rounds. Eros could have been known to the ancient Greeks as Eros, to the Romans as Cupid–the personification of the cosmic force, as they believed, which brings harmony to chaos, coordinating the elements which constitute the universe.



4TH RAY: PURITY AND ASTREA are the Elohim of the fourth ray (the white ray) of purity, perfection, hope, and wholeness. It is the flame of the Mother and the flame of the ascension–the desire to know and be God through purity of body, mind, and soul through the consciousness of the Divine Mother which embraces the natural laws governing all manifestation in the earth plane. Purity holds the divine pattern of the perfection of the Christ for all that is in manifest form, focusing the white fire that is in the heart of every sun and atom–the pure white light out of which emanates the seven 'rays', or aspects, of the Christ consciousness. Blue is considered the feminine aspect of white because the white fire of Purity coalesces as blue in the Matter plane. Thus Astrea, the feminine complement of Purity, works twenty-four hours a day wielding the cosmic circle and sword of blue flame to free the children of the Mother from all that opposes the fulfillment of the divine plan held in the heart of Purity. Astrea personifies the Hindu concept of Kali, “the demon-slayer.”



5TH RAY: CYCLOPEA AND VIRGINIA are the Elohim of the fifth ray (the green ray) of truth, healing, constancy, and the desire to precipitate the abundance of God through the immaculate concept of the Holy Virgin. Holding the focus for the all-seeing eye of God and the purity of precipitation, these twin flames assist mankind and elemental forms of life to precipitate the abundance of the Spirit of God into manifest form. James said that “a double minded man is unstable in all his ways”  Cyclopea and Virginia focus the purity of single-eyed vision, which was lost when mankind partook of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Through the focus of the all-seeing eye of God in the third-eye chakra in the center of each one's forehead, they radiate the truth of the original divine plan through a single green flame emitting the seven color rays of the Elohim. This is a focus of the purity that ennobles man through the spiraling caduceus, which when raised and anchored in the forehead is the symbol of his winged victory and his return to wholeness.



6TH RAY: P EACE AND ALOHA are the Elohim of the sixth ray (the purple and gold ray) of peace, brotherhood, the true ministration of the Christ, and the desire to be in the service of God and man through the mastery of the Christ consciousness. Peace and Aloha focus both the gold and the purple flames as the perfect balance of the masculine and feminine aspects of peace. The admonishments of the Elohim of Peace have been invaluable to the students of the light. It was Peace who introduced the use of the Great Sun Disc–a shield of dazzling white fire that may be placed over the solar-plexus chakra to deflect the discord of others and thus protect the peace of the feeling world.


7TH RAY: A RCTURUS AND VICTORIA are the Elohim of the seventh ray (the violet ray) of freedom, ritual, invocation, transmutation, transcendence, mercy, and the desire to make all things new through the application of the laws of Alchemy. The pulsations of the violet flame from their hearts produce the rhythm and the ritual of application of the law through service and reverence for life. Arcturus uses the purple flame, focusing the scientific action of the law and the transmutative essence of freedom, while Victoria radiates the violet (orchid-colored) flame, representing the mercy and love of freedom. The service of the Elohim of the seventh ray to this planet has been intensified during this century as the result of the dispensation given to Saint Germain in the 1930s to release to the outer world the teachings of the I AM. Formerly this instruction had been given only in retreats of the Brotherhood. Therefore, at the opening of the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago in 1933, Arcturus began the specific action of the freedom flame for the assistance of the Americas. During that decade, other cosmic beings came out of the Great Silence (nirvana) to assist Saint Germain in his tremendous undertaking on behalf of the evolutions of the planet. This assistance has been augmented and intensified in recent years, and the continuing sponsorship of the Great White Brotherhood, ascended hosts, and cosmic beings is evident in the dispensations which have come forth.

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