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Silver Moon Infusion, a digital e-manual: Aura radiance, stimulate 3rd eye, transmit holistic healing energy, psychic development


Includes digital ENGLISH TRANSLATION e-manual sent electronically by link & distant chi ball attunement


Wara Estrini writes in her original manual...

"Silver Moon Infusion is a enjoyable and pleasant energy for psychic development and balance your life. This will enhance your psychic abilities and take you to see your life from the outside, seen from a new perspective without judgment with pure knowledge about the best for your highest good.

Silver Moon Infusion provides a wonderful conduit to transmit holistic healing energy. Enhance immune, fertility and cell regeneration. When you are in a less supportive environment this would work well. Treating cold and flu symptoms.

Silver Moon Infusion stimulate your third eye. Helpful in your spiritual journey as an anchor when they move from one reality to another. This will connect you to the moon that help increase your intuition.

Silver Moon Infusion a gentle energy that allows the combination of Moon and silver energy. This energy is subtle and does not involve conscious thought. Can absorb the positive or negative energy to be positive and reflected through your aura radiance".

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