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Sun Empowerment , digital e-manual: Vitality, personal power, leadership, life force, creativity, glory, strength, individuality, true spirit


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Founder Elizabeth Hibel

The Sun is the star of the center of the solar system. It is the largest object and contains 98% of the total solar system mass. The Sun is a symbol of glory and allows us to tap into strength of will to overcome instinctive fears, habitual patterns of behaviour and finding the majesty within.The Sun represents self, ego, leadership, health, vitality and life force.

For the alchemist the sun represents the perfection of all matter including that of mind, spirit and soul. Gold was the noble metal was named after Sol, and was assigned the day of the week, Sunday. 

A dot or point in the center of a circle symbolizes the blending of male and female forces and the Hindus call the midpoint in a circle the bindu, the spark of life within the cosmic womb.

Included in 24 page manual:

  • Blue Lotus - symbol of sun gods and pharoh
  • Winged Eye - eye of God
  • Solar Cross - cyclical nature
  • Zia - sacred symbol of Zia Indians of New Mexico
  • Scarab - symbol of rising sun
  • Ankh - life giving power of the sun
  • Phoenix - fire bird
  • Tarot - Sun Card
  • Sun Gods
  • Sun Goddesses
  • Animals with sun associations
  • Solar Gemstones and associations
  • 10 Chinese Suns
  • Astrological Associations

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